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I had a terrible Last Night out of the movie

Posted 12-03-2012 at 03:20 PM by MystikMitch
Updated 12-03-2012 at 03:29 PM by MystikMitch

I have a problem and have been thinking about it since Yesterday. This is a bit long I'm sorry but only way I can make it make any sense. I live in NYC and while I like the City we do have a % of Crazy People walking around. Anyhow, Yesterday, I work part at home and wanted to go outside in the evening hours. So while I'm outside I decide to go to my Local Chinese Store and well order obviously Chinese Food. Since I thought that I wanted to breath some fresh(yes I know) cold air outside. I have just ordered two Egg Rolls and a Soda to go. This store knows me really well (Husband + Wife) so she packaged each egg roll individually, Sauce, napkins, Soda from the heart.

I leave the store and proceed to the Local neighborhood Park to enjoy my food and just relax. Once in the Park I hear my name being called (as I walk with the small bag yet to be opened). I search for where the call is coming from. I find it; it is a man that my Mom knew because my Stepdad in Europe lived in the same small town. So they knew each other my former step family and his family. The Man is a little bit mentally challenged (and I would like to use this word in not an offensive none discriminatory way). Because as a Kid he became lost in a town in Europe and whatever reason he became sick.

I keep a distance but he is fast even though older than me by large number of years he may be in his 40's. I try to be nice to him and the dialog goes like this.

Encounter 1:
Captions intentional to show his yelling.

Him: DO YOU HAVE 0.75 CENTS? I'M HUNGRY (He probably gets subsidies monthly).

Me: No, I need it (I'm really short on money and I don't steady Cash flow) for later.
Me: (Getting scared) Nowhere, just like to walk around a little and -- sit maybe -- .

Him: I LIKE THAT COAT. WILL IT FIT ON ME? (nearly requesting that I take it off).
Me: I don't think so I say something to make him stop talking about it.

Anyway, I somehow end up freeing myself from this encounter without him getting violent and go eat my Egg rolls.

Encounter 2:

I was walking through the Park heading towards my house still chewing (I chew longer than other people as my swallowing reflexes are poor (especially under huge stress as this one (I can't defend myself from him and try to remain nice , and calm in same places it is even a felony to start with the "sick." Neither would I would attempt to I'm not like that). I was holding my small bag with Soda as he was coming back towards my way. Appeared out of nowhere.

HIM: I'M HUNGRY GIVE ME THAT BUN/BURGER THAT YOUR EATING (He grabs my little bag). Touches, not food and let me go.

HIM: Starts to follow me while I'm still chewing and even more chewing slowed.

Grocery Store:

I end up walking fast down the Block almost choking, lite headed (from gasping and choking while eating). I end up running into a Grocery store. Not thinking I paced very fast through the store a little bit, dazed, confused still finshing chewing. I start to leave the store as I take control of myself. I should have purchased something just to have my moral principles wounds healed. I didn't. I can't blame the store owner for trying to protect herself. But I don't steal from the stores and generally with exceptions I have my share of human imperfections the most closest honest person probably in my neighborhood.

ME: Leaving back turned.
Owner: YES, CAN I HELP YOU? (My Translation: you have been busted for shoplifting. I will call the Police).

ME: I was running away from a Crazy Man who was following me. I was trying to find a way to loose him.

She: Mutters something.


She: I would not know I was busy (with another customer).

Me: Fine, Take my coat off. Check, here I have a Bottle (makes things worse I was still chewing. So try to prove it was the egg roll and not something from her store!).

She: NO NEED TO. Points at her TV screen with many small screens from all the Camera inputs throughout the store. I'll check it later. But you should not be going through the store like that.

me: I'm Sorry I did not know ( actually I should have said realize what I have done "pacing" I was in a fog).


She: Goodnight.

Me: I Live only down the Block anyway.

She: <Quiet>

Me: I leave and luckily without the Police or anything else for the matter. I was not looking for problems.

Question(s) for anyone reading this entry:

Does that Television monitor that is fully computerized really have Jump timed recording? Say I want to see the store at 8PM. How does the 24 hour recording work? I assume it is digital and has to fit with Gigs of data if true! Please explain. I doubt although possible that it was uploaded to the cloud. While I generally don't like Cloud computing for privacy, security reasons the cloud could have been helpful here too.

Reason is because I really would have loved her to go through the recording. At least in my mind it would have morally saved my Face. I Did not steal anything and hate to be thought of as a theif especially in a neighborhood Mom and Pop store (maybe because she is Italian she did not like me I don't know). I simply was confused and scared at the same time. As I was running before entering the store I felt like I would fall on the ground and Die.

If you have anymore time reading here is one last bit:

As I leave, again minutes later going back to my house. He appears and tells me. Do I have food at my house? He wanted to go to my house. He is very unstable individual regardless if my mom knowed his family. Aggresive tendencies etc. I was trying to save myself and actually him for the matter from himself. I had reason to believe that he might have turned violent if I would not say things the way I should to him. I'm not a Psychiatrist or a Psycologist. I did try to switch topics intially. Trying to say so How is your Mom? and your Dad? But he was smart enough to tell me that "wait" and sense my topic change attempts telling me I'm telling him macaroni. I was not sure what to say and act like. I did my best but I nearly gotten arrested because of false false flags.
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    MystikMitch, I'm really sorry this happened. I'm not a therapist either, but I've had to socialize with the homeless and mentally challenged as a result of my spouse's profession. There's really not much a person can do except be firm, really firm. Not being able to follow social cues is usually a part of most mental and developmental issues. I'm really, really sorry that because you were rattled someone else made false assumptions about you. If it's any consolation, she must have experienced many thefts and bullying behavior to jump to the conclusion that you were a thief immediately.

    Yes, the camera system most likely allows her to review sections of recordings based on time. It's possible the video is recorded straight to off-site (cloud) storage. In fact depending on how new her system is, it would be an easy and cost-effective solution. For whatever it's worth, she's probably forgotten you by now.

    BTW, 40's is not old. lol
    Posted 12-04-2012 at 11:27 AM by vmccord vmccord is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Vmccord, Thanks for reply in regards to my Post and on how that Camera thing might work like. If she did review good for her. She may now be at ease (or was if she already forgotten the whole ordeal) that I had no ulterior motives.

    Ok, sorry I was being Evil myself; GRRRRRRR. I raise the old now to age 100. I'll add 10 years for every decade to keep up with Science. <friendly Grin>.

    >> BTW, 40's is not old. lol

    I'm over it now though going to get back to doing my things. Thanks Again I honestly appreciate it. I'm thinking of later Blogging sometime on my first impressions/experience with Windows8, Firefox for android. I'm just thinking not sure yet if I'll do that.
    Posted 12-04-2012 at 02:22 PM by MystikMitch MystikMitch is offline
    Updated 12-04-2012 at 02:32 PM by MystikMitch


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