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Slackware-14.1-Package Removal Script

Posted 05-21-2014 at 08:24 PM by arniekat

# Slackware(64) 14.1 Package Removal Script
# Please look at this script and decide what items will need to be
# changed or modified. Adjust it for your needs.
# Please don't just run it without looking at the options and changes!
# Some suggested reading material: CIS Security Scripts, Red Hat Enterprise
# Linux 6 Security Guide, Guide To Secure Configuration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
# This is for a Slackware 14.1 WorkStation Configuration with Intel
# Graphics connected to a CAT 5 Network Cable without Bluetooth.
# The Best Practices recommendations for securing Linux Machines
# suggest that you only install the software you will be using.
# In other words, remove packages that you will not need.
# Some potential candidates are: Server Applications, Extra Shells,
# Extra Programs, and the Compilers. Before running, be sure you have
# installed all the programs you think you will need. This script assumes
# you did a Full Installation of Slackware(64) 14.1 and only removes packages
# from the initial installation.
# If you remove the compilers from the "d" Series of Programs,
# you will NOT be able to compile software.
# This is OK so long as you use the patches provided by Slackware Linux.
# The thinking behind removing the compilers is that if someone gets into your box,
# they will not have the tools to compile rootkits and malicious code, etc.
# This script will only remove cvs, git, mercurial, rcs, and subversion since some
# applications need libraries from the compilers, so I do not remove the compilers.
# If you are using KDE SC 4.10.5 as your Desktop, then go ahead
# and remove the "xfce" series of packages. Comment out the "kde" series
# in this script so KDE SC 4.10.5 will not be removed!
# If you are using the XFce 4.10.1 Desktop, then go ahead
# and remove the "kde" series of packages. Comment out the "xfce" series
# so XFce 4.10.1 will not be removed! If you remove all the KDE packages, this
# will remove the KDM Login Manager, so you will be stuck with XDM or you
# will need to install Gnome Display Manager (GDM) or SLiM.
# If you are using Mate, IceWM, or Cinnamon as your Desktop/Window Manager,
# then go ahead and remove both the "kde" and "xfce" series of packages.
# Note - Keep your Slackware(64) 14.1 DVD's handy, OK.
cd /var/log/packages

# Slackware "a" Series
# ed (Text Editor)
# floppy (Floppy Disk Utilities)
# genpower (UPS Power Supply Daemon)
# mt-st (Controls magnetic tape drive operation)
# mtx (Controls tape autochangers)
# pcmciautils (Utilities for using PCMCIA cards with 2.6+ kernels)
# rpm2tgz (a tool for converting an RPM archive into a tar+gz one)
# tcsh (C Shell)
removepkg ed
removepkg floppy
removepkg genpower
removepkg mt-st
removepkg mtx
removepkg pcmciautils
removepkg rpm2tgz
removepkg tcsh

# Slackware "ap" Series
# ash (Kenneth Almquist's ash shell)
# at (Delayed Command Execution)
# jed (John E. Davis Programmer's Editor)
# joe (Joseph H. Allen's Text Editor)
# jove (Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs)
# ksh93 (AT&T Korn Shell 93)
# madplay (MPEG audio decoder and player)
# mc (Midnight Commander file manager)
# moc (Console Audio Player)
# mpg123 (a command-line mp3 player)
# nano (Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced free Pico clone)
# radeontool (small utility for ati radeon-based laptops)
# rpm (RPM package format tool)
# sc (Spreadsheet Calculator)
# zsh (the Z shell)
removepkg ash
removepkg at
removepkg jed
removepkg joe
removepkg jove
removepkg ksh93
removepkg madplay
removepkg mc
removepkg moc
removepkg mpg123
removepkg nano
removepkg radeontool
removepkg rpm
removepkg sc
removepkg zsh

# Slackware "d" Series
# cvs (Concurrent Version System)
# git (the Stupid Content Tracker)
# mercurial (a distributed source management system)
# rcs (Revision Control System)
# subversion (a Version Control System)
removepkg cvs
removepkg git
removepkg mercurial
removepkg rcs
removepkg subversion

# Slackware "e" Series
# emacs (GNU Emacs Display Editor)
removepkg emacs

# Slackware "f" Series
# linux-faqs (Linux FAQ collection from
# linux-howtos (HOWTOs from the Linux Documentation Project)
removepkg linux-faqs
removepkg linux-howtos

# Slackware "kde" Series
removepkg amarok
removepkg analitza
removepkg ark
removepkg audiocd-kio
removepkg blinken
removepkg bluedevil
removepkg bomber
removepkg bovo
removepkg calligra
removepkg cantor
removepkg dragon
removepkg filelight
removepkg granatier
removepkg gwenview
removepkg juk
removepkg k3b
removepkg kaccessible
removepkg kactivities
removepkg kalgebra
removepkg kalzium
removepkg kamera
removepkg kanagram
removepkg kapman
removepkg kate
removepkg katomic
removepkg kaudiocreator
removepkg kblackbox
removepkg kblocks
removepkg kbounce
removepkg kbreakout
removepkg kbruch
removepkg kcalc
removepkg kcharselect
removepkg kcolorchooser
removepkg kde-base-artwork
removepkg kde-baseapps
removepkg kde-runtime
removepkg kde-wallpapers
removepkg kde-workspace
removepkg kdeadmin
removepkg kdeartwork
removepkg kdegraphics-mobipocket
removepkg kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer
removepkg kdegraphics-thumbnailers
removepkg kdelibs
removepkg kdenetwork
removepkg kdepim
removepkg kdepim-runtime
removepkg kdepimlibs
removepkg kdeplasma-addons
removepkg kdesdk
removepkg kdetoys
removepkg kdevelop
removepkg kdevelop-pg-qt
removepkg kdevelop-php
removepkg kdevelop-php-docs
removepkg kdevplatform
removepkg kdewebdev
removepkg kdf
removepkg kdiamond
removepkg kfloppy
removepkg kfourinline
removepkg kgamma
removepkg kgeography
removepkg kgoldrunner
removepkg kgpg
removepkg khangman
removepkg kig
removepkg kigo
removepkg killbots
removepkg kio-mtp
removepkg kiriki
removepkg kiten
removepkg kjumpingcube
removepkg klettres
removepkg klickety
removepkg klines
removepkg kmag
removepkg kmahjongg
removepkg kmines
removepkg kmix
removepkg kmousetool
removepkg kmouth
removepkg kmplot
removepkg knavalbattle
removepkg knetwalk
removepkg kolf
removepkg kollision
removepkg kolourpaint
removepkg konquest
removepkg konsole
removepkg korundum
removepkg kpat
removepkg kplayer
removepkg kremotecontrol
removepkg kreversi
removepkg kross-interpreters
removepkg kruler
removepkg ksaneplugin
removepkg kscreen
removepkg kshisen
removepkg ksirk
removepkg ksnakeduel
removepkg ksnapshot
removepkg kspaceduel
removepkg ksquares
removepkg kstars
removepkg ksudoku
removepkg ktimer
removepkg ktorrent
removepkg ktouch
removepkg ktuberling
removepkg kturtle
removepkg kubrick
removepkg kwallet
removepkg kwebkitpart
removepkg kwordquiz
removepkg libkcddb
removepkg libkcompactdisc
removepkg libkdcraw
removepkg libkdeedu
removepkg libkdegames
removepkg libkexiv2
removepkg libkipi
removepkg libkmahjongg
removepkg libksane
removepkg libkscreen
removepkg libktorrent
removepkg lskat
removepkg marble
removepkg mplayerthumbs
removepkg nepomuk-core
removepkg nepomuk-widgets
removepkg networkmanagement
removepkg okular
removepkg oxygen-gtk2
removepkg oxygen-gtk3
removepkg oxygen-icons
removepkg pairs
removepkg palapeli
removepkg parley
removepkg perlkde
removepkg perlqt
removepkg picmi
removepkg polkit-kde-agent-1
removepkg polkit-kde-kcmodules-1
removepkg print-manager
removepkg pykde4
removepkg qtruby
removepkg rocs
removepkg skanlite
removepkg smokegen
removepkg smokekde
removepkg smokeqt
removepkg step
removepkg superkaramba
removepkg svgpart
removepkg sweeper
removepkg wicd-kde

# Slackware "n" Series
# alpine (Alternatively Licensed Program for Internet News and Email)
# biff+comsat (mail arrival notification daemon)
# bind (DNS server and utilities)
# bluez-firmware (Bluetooth firmware)
# bluez-hcidump (Bluetooth analyzer)
# bridge-utils (network Ethernet bridging utilities)
# bsd-finger (user information lookup program)
# dnsmasq (small DNS and DHCP server)
# ebtables (Ethernet frame filtering on a Linux bridge)
# elm (Menu-driven user mail program)
# epic5 (Internet Relay Chat client)
# fetchmail (mail retrieval and forwarding utility)
# getmail (POP3 mail retriever)
# htdig (web indexing and searching system)
# httpd (The Apache HTTP Server)
# ipw2100-fw (Intel ipw2100 wireless firmware)
# ipw2200-fw (Intel ipw2200 wireless firmware)
# irssi (Internet Relay Chat client)
# lftp (command line file transfer program)
# links (WWW browser for the console)
# lynx (text mode browser)
# mailx (a simple mail client)
# mcabber (Jabber console client)
# mobile-broadband-provider-info (service provider settings)
# ModemManager (mobile broadband modem API)
# mutt (the Mutt mail user agent)
# ncftp (ftp client)
# netatalk (Appletalk file and print server)
# netdate (simple network time utility)
# netkit-bootparamd (boot parameter server)
# netkit-ftp (the old BSD FTP client)
# netkit-ntalk (talk client and talkd daemon)
# netkit-routed (dynamic network routing daemon)
# netkit-rsh (the BSD rsh/rcp/rlogin clients and daemon)
# netkit-rusers (show users logged in to machines on local network)
# netkit-rwall (send a message to all users)
# netkit-rwho (who is logged in on local machines)
# netkit-timed (time server daemon)
# netwatch (a network monitor)
# NetworkManager (Networking that Just Works)
# netwrite (in.writed daemon for accepting network "write")
# newspost (binary posting utility)
# nfacct (tool to create/retrieve/delete accounting objects)
# nfs-utils (Network File System daemons and utilities)
# nn (the NN newsreader)
# obex-data-server (Obex D-Bus Service Support)
# obexfs (mount filesystem of ObexFTP capable devices)
# obexftp (Access devices via ObexFTP, such as mobile phones)
# openldap-client (OpenLDAP client programs)
# openobex (Object Exchange protocol library)
# portmap (a daemon to manage RPC connections)
# ppp (Point-to-Point Protocol)
# procmail (mail processing and local delivery program)
# proftpd (FTP server daemon)
# rdist (remote file distribution program)
# rp-pppoe (Roaring Penguin PPPoE client)
# samba (SMB/CIFS file and print server)
# sendmail (mail transfer agent)
# sendmail-cf (configuration files for sendmail)
# slrn (s-lang read news)
# snownews (a console RSS newsreader)
# telnet (the telnet client and daemon)
# tftp-hpa (Trivial File Transfer Protocol)
# tin (the Tin newsreader)
# trn (a threaded newsreader)
# uucp (Taylor UUCP)
# vsftpd (Very Secure FTP Daemon)
# whois (whois directory client)
# wireless-tools (utilities for wireless networking)
# wpa_supplicant (WPA/WPA2/IEEE 802.1X Supplicant)
# yptools (NIS servers and clients)
# ytalk (multi-user chat program)
# zd1211-firmware (Firmware for zd1211 USB wireless)
removepkg alpine
removepkg biff+comsat
removepkg bind
removepkg bluez-firmware
removepkg bluez-hcidump
removepkg bridge-utils
removepkg bsd-finger
removepkg dnsmasq
removepkg ebtables
removepkg elm
removepkg epic5
removepkg fetchmail
removepkg getmail
removepkg htdig
removepkg httpd
removepkg ipw2100-fw
removepkg ipw2200-fw
removepkg irssi
removepkg lftp
removepkg links
removepkg lynx
removepkg mailx
removepkg mcabber
removepkg mobile-broadband-provider-info
removepkg ModemManager
removepkg mutt
removepkg ncftp
removepkg netatalk
removepkg netdate
removepkg netkit-bootparamd
removepkg netkit-ftp
removepkg netkit-ntalk
removepkg netkit-routed
removepkg netkit-rsh
removepkg netkit-rusers
removepkg netkit-rwall
removepkg netkit-rwho
removepkg netkit-timed
removepkg netwatch
removepkg NetworkManager
removepkg netwrite
removepkg newspost
removepkg nfacct
removepkg nfs-utils
removepkg nn
removepkg obex-data-server
removepkg obexfs
removepkg obexftp
removepkg openldap-client
removepkg openobex
removepkg portmap
removepkg ppp
removepkg procmail
removepkg proftpd
removepkg rdist
removepkg rp-pppoe
removepkg samba
removepkg sendmail
removepkg sendmail-cf
removepkg slrn
removepkg snownews
removepkg telnet
removepkg tftp-hpa
removepkg tin
removepkg trn
removepkg uucp
removepkg vsftpd
removepkg whois
removepkg wireless-tools
removepkg wpa_supplicant
removepkg yptools
removepkg ytalk
removepkg zd1211-firmware

# Slackware "x" Series
# anthy (a system for Japanese input method)
# xf86-input-acecad (Acecad Flair input driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-input-aiptek (Aiptek USB Digital Tablet Input Driver for Linux)
# xf86-input-joystick (Joystick input driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-input-penmount (PenMount input driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-input-synaptics (Synaptics touchpad driver for X.Org)
# xf86-input-vmmouse (support for VMWare's VMMouse guest mouse device)
# xf86-input-wacom (driver for Wacom tablets)
# xf86-video-apm (driver for Alliance Promotion graphics chipsets)
# xf86-video-ark (Ark Logic video driver for Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-ast (ASpeed Technologies graphics driver for Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-ati (ATI Radeon video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-chips (Chips and Technologies video driver for Xorg)
# xf86-video-cirrus (Cirrus Logic video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-glint (GLINT/Permedia video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-i128 (Number Nine I128 video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-i740 (Intel i740 video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-mach64 (ATI Mach64 driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-mga (Matrox video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-neomagic (NeoMagic video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-nouveau (accelerated open source driver for nVidia cards)
# xf86-video-nv (old NVIDIA video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-openchrome (VIA video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-r128 (ATI Rage 128 video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-rendition (Rendition video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-s3 (Xorg driver for S3 chipsets other than ViRGE or Savage)
# xf86-video-s3virge (S3 ViRGE video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-savage (S3 Savage video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-siliconmotion (Silicon Motion video driver for Xorg)
# xf86-video-sis (SiS and XGI video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-sisusb (SiS Net2280-based USB video driver for Xorg)
# xf86-video-tdfx (3Dfx video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-tga (DEC21030/TGA video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-trident (Trident video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-tseng (Tseng Labs video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-v4l (Video 4 Linux adaptor driver for X)
# xf86-video-vmware (VMWare SVGA video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-voodoo (3DFX Voodoo/Voodoo2 video driver for Xorg)
# xf86-video-xgi (XGI video driver for the Xorg X server)
# xf86-video-xgixp (XGI XGI Volari 8300 video driver)
removepkg anthy
removepkg xf86-input-acecad
removepkg xf86-input-aiptek
removepkg xf86-input-joystick
removepkg xf86-input-penmount
removepkg xf86-input-synaptics
removepkg xf86-input-vmmouse
removepkg xf86-input-wacom
removepkg xf86-video-apm
removepkg xf86-video-ark
removepkg xf86-video-ast
removepkg xf86-video-ati
removepkg xf86-video-chips
removepkg xf86-video-cirrus
removepkg xf86-video-glint
removepkg xf86-video-i128
removepkg xf86-video-i740
removepkg xf86-video-mach64
removepkg xf86-video-mga
removepkg xf86-video-neomagic
removepkg xf86-video-nouveau
removepkg xf86-video-nv
removepkg xf86-video-openchrome
removepkg xf86-video-r128
removepkg xf86-video-rendition
removepkg xf86-video-s3
removepkg xf86-video-s3virge
removepkg xf86-video-savage
removepkg xf86-video-siliconmotion
removepkg xf86-video-sis
removepkg xf86-video-sisusb
removepkg xf86-video-tdfx
removepkg xf86-video-tga
removepkg xf86-video-trident
removepkg xf86-video-tseng
removepkg xf86-video-v4l
removepkg xf86-video-vmware
removepkg xf86-video-voodoo
removepkg xf86-video-xgi
removepkg xf86-video-xgixp

# Slackware "xap" Series
# audacious (A relatively powerful media player)
# audacious-plugins (Plugins used by the Audacious media player)
# blackbox (Blackbox window manager)
# blueman (Graphical Bluetooth Manager)
# electricsheep (distributed screensaver)
# fluxbox (Fluxbox window manager)
# fvwm (a small and fast virtual window manager for X)
# geeqie (Geeqie image viewer)
# gnuchess (GPL licensed chess engines and graphical frontends)
# MPlayer (MPEG-4 digital video technology)
# network-manager-applet (NetworkManager Applet)
# pan (USENET newsreader)
# pidgin (GTK+ instant messaging program)
# rdesktop (Remote Desktop Protocol client)
# rxvt (terminal emulator)
# sane (Scanner Access Now Easy)
# seyon (telecommunications package)
# windowmaker (a fast and elegant window manager)
# x3270 (IBM host access tool for X)
# xaos (an interactive fractal zoomer)
# xchat (GTK+-based IRC client)
# xgames (small X games collection)
# xpaint (simple X paint program)
# xpdf (PDF viewer for X)
# xsane (Graphical frontend to SANE, Scanner Access Now Easy)
# xv (John Bradley's interactive image viewer)
removepkg audacious
removepkg audacious-plugins
removepkg blackbox
removepkg blueman
removepkg electricsheep
removepkg fluxbox
removepkg fvwm
removepkg geeqie
removepkg gnuchess
removepkg MPlayer
removepkg network-manager-applet
removepkg pan
removepkg pidgin
removepkg rdesktop
removepkg rxvt
removepkg sane
removepkg seyon
removepkg windowmaker
removepkg x3270
removepkg xaos
removepkg xchat
removepkg xgames
removepkg xpaint
removepkg xpdf
removepkg xsane
removepkg xv

# Slackware "xfce" Series
removepkg exo
removepkg garcon
removepkg gtk-xfce-engine
removepkg libxfce4ui
removepkg libxfce4util
removepkg libxfcegui4
removepkg orage
removepkg Thunar
removepkg thunar-volman
removepkg tumbler
removepkg xfce4-appfinder
removepkg xfce4-clipman-plugin
removepkg xfce4-dev-tools
removepkg xfce4-mixer
removepkg xfce4-notifyd
removepkg xfce4-panel
removepkg xfce4-power-manager
removepkg xfce4-screenshooter
removepkg xfce4-session
removepkg xfce4-settings
removepkg xfce4-systemload-plugin
removepkg xfce4-taskmanager
removepkg xfce4-terminal
removepkg xfce4-volumed
removepkg xfce4-weather-plugin
removepkg xfconf
removepkg xfdesktop
removepkg xfwm4
removepkg xfwm4-themes

# Slackware "y" Series
# bsd-games (Classic BSD text games collection)
removepkg bsd-games
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