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    I understand that a lot of courses don't allow walkers any more. The one my place overlooks does. And it is a most pleasant area for walking.

    You're not getting any exercise riding around in a golf cart drinking beer, that's for sure.
    Posted 09-04-2015 at 09:20 PM by frankbell frankbell is online now
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    I think golf is kind of like birding. The best part is being outside walking in the sunshine.
    Posted 09-04-2015 at 08:39 AM by vmccord vmccord is offline
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    At 5 feet 8 inches, I loves me my bicycle.

    I've been through west Texas on the choo-choo several times. There's a lot of there there.

    I used to have a pool table--it was a seven-footer that probably started its life in a bar. I did enjoy it. I don't have it any more, but I still have my sticks. Ahhh, misty water-colored memories.
    Posted 09-03-2015 at 10:31 PM by frankbell frankbell is online now
    Updated 09-03-2015 at 10:33 PM by frankbell
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    At 6 foot 7 inches. I got tired at swinging at air.
    So I took up bicycling. To toughen up the old casing on these bones.
    In 100F+ temps.
    Then hit the air conditioned pool hall during stops.

    Our local semi grassed links.

    what it looks like after you drive out of town

    So don't judge us too harshly.

    So not too bad in Illinois I bet. Especially after looking at your WeaverRidge pictures link.
    Posted 09-03-2015 at 09:57 PM by rokytnji rokytnji is offline
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    I live next to a golf course. I don't play. I just point and laugh.

    All seriousness aside, I understand the fascination of the game. You're not playing against an opponent--you're playing against the ball, like pool on a much larger, bumpier table.
    Posted 09-03-2015 at 09:29 PM by frankbell frankbell is online now
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    Raspberry Pi B+

    Good price on those with the cases,cards, and power supplies. Nice find there.
    Posted 07-06-2015 at 08:03 AM by rokytnji rokytnji is offline
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    My Philosophy of a Gnu/Linux Slackware user.

    I help more than ask here.

    My philosophy.
    Free download.
    Gratis operating system.

    No one owes me anything on this planet earth.
    It is up to me to carry my own weight.
    If I get a snarky answer.
    I consider the source and grin and bear it because of my thick skin.

    Forum support is free, done out of caring, and is a volunteer labor of love. Done as brothers supporting brothers and sisters supporting sisters. On a journey to more knowledge.

    If you are a ingrate or poser. Bye. If you are a fellow traveler.
    Howdy. Nice to meet you. If I hurt your feelers online. Grow a pair.
    Real life must be a trial then, if personally perceived online insults appear to you inside your head.

    I don't insult people but my gruff manner can rub some sensitive egos raw.

    This gangster mentality of mine is best. Fsck the rest. I see enough of that in the real world at biker runs and other outdoor events.
    That mentality does not impress me in the real world. Same can be said for online folks.

    I like Gnu/Linux because I am not main stream. Some easy to do things are OK by me. Like Slackbuilds, Gslapt, and Sourcery. But dumbing way way down for main stream can make me run to BSD
    (which I am learning slowly) in a heart beat. Choices have not
    been limited to that status yet in Gnu/Linux. If one researches enough. Operating systems are seen as a tool by me to run on my computer. As I said once. "Durable is good. Free and durable is even better".

    Main stream is just one of those things I cannot stand.
    Just personal preference from a twisted personality.
    But a fun loving personality also.

    Must be why distro developers like, and appreciate me.
    Posted 07-05-2015 at 09:09 AM by rokytnji rokytnji is offline
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    My Philosophy of a Gnu/Linux Slackware user.

    Personally, I am not here to help anyone do anything other than learn to help themselves.
    I am (silently) of the response vector that they "reap what they sow".
    "They don't know that they don't know." ... until ... "How do I ask a smart question?"
    and even that is an offense to many.

    The Information that most seek is 'out there'.
    I am not the progenitor of anything resembling "original".
    I am a keyboard commando and this is my-kungfu.
    Rule Number One: Fix more than you break.
    Rinse, Lather, and Repeat.

    It's a matter of numbers getting people up to speed
    on what it takes to install, maintain and repair a Linux System.

    I read it on the 'net. Same as everybody here this day.

    Have you hugged your SysAdmin today?
    Posted 07-03-2015 at 09:42 AM by Habitual Habitual is offline
    Updated 07-03-2015 at 09:46 AM by Habitual
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    My Philosophy of a Gnu/Linux Slackware user.

    I am starting to approach LQ threads with a similar philosophy.

    1. If not enough information : ignore or refer to the manual
    2. If vague question : ignore
    3. If asking to be spoon fed information (knowingly or unknowingly ): flame
    4. If questions provide background, detailed information and the OP is making an effort: references and hints - but never the outright answer.

    I don't like to spoon feed or breed laziness by promoting "ask and you shall receive." I think that if you want to be spoon fed and be lazy, you should be paying for support and advice regarding you operating system. My knowledge was formed over years of research, education, and trial/error. Nothing personal, I just think my time is more valuable spent doing something constructive, fun, or profitable.
    Posted 06-30-2015 at 01:56 AM by mralk3 mralk3 is offline
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    My Philosophy of a Gnu/Linux Slackware user.

    I agree with you both.

    In ${DAYJOB} I routinely link the docs to users with a brief but concise summary of exactly what they need to know because, well, most of my customers are paying hard earned cash for support and as such have the right to demand I google a term for them (and that is a dramatized oversimplification, of course, as most of my customers are highly skilled IT Engineers and Developers). I used to assist on LQ because of my love of Linux and BSD, but I eventually grew weary of hand holding. There is zero justification for me to go out of my way to provide knowledge that I attained the hard way if the user isn't willing to meet me in the middle. Afterall, it isn't like every problem posted to the forum is immediately obvious and requires zero mental effort on my part.

    In short, I refuse to hand hold without pay. A well-written question that is clear and concise and shows that the user has done work to attempt to solve the problem I can justify expending effort to answer, however.
    Posted 06-24-2015 at 07:59 AM by rocket357 rocket357 is offline
    Updated 06-24-2015 at 08:01 AM by rocket357
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    My Philosophy of a Gnu/Linux Slackware user.

    Do we as Gnu/Linux Slackware users need to have a softer touch with interacting with members who fail to help themselves?
    No. What Slackware users need is a Slackware forum. That way they would not be constrained by LQ's commercial-friendly rules. At least, that is how I see things.
    Posted 06-24-2015 at 02:50 AM by Randicus Draco Albus Randicus Draco Albus is online now
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    Second day of summer

    Been pretty wet in eastern KS too. Raining right now.
    Posted 06-23-2015 at 03:18 PM by vmccord vmccord is offline
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    ARM experiments awaiting

    within my LAB
    There is only so much envy one man should have to struggle with....

    I was looking at your link and this...

    USB 3... bus level clustering... be still my foolish heart...
    Thanks for the link
    PS, the wife already hates you.
    Posted 03-26-2015 at 05:25 PM by dijetlo dijetlo is offline
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    Spring is near!

    All the snow is in Boston.
    Posted 03-09-2015 at 04:15 PM by vmccord vmccord is offline
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    Spring is near!

    It's been nearing the 60's in Washington State the past week or so. This time last year the Cascades were still under quite a few layers of snow...this year they are already clear, with a few patches of snow here and there on the peaks.
    Posted 03-09-2015 at 01:08 PM by rocket357 rocket357 is offline
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    Spring is near!

    It was 70 F in Kansas yesterday!!!!!!
    Posted 03-09-2015 at 09:04 AM by vmccord vmccord is offline
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    Bleak outside, cabin fever and our new car.

    Yeah. Bike wrecks can be life changing.

    I survived a 55MPH slamming into a Ford Taurus running the stop sign. I hit the engine side of the car and I was told I flew about 60 feet through the air before landing on the pavement.
    My witnesses were 2 cops on break in the parking lot of a convenience store.

    The car I hit was the girl getting off the job at the convenience store.

    Doctors at FT. Bliss in Elpaso patched up my broken hip, 2 destroyed knees, left shattered ankle,
    broken right heel, both broken feet. I had approx over 380 staples holding me together. The doctors
    were used to fixing airborne parachuting accidents. So I had some skilled mechanics fix me.

    Took about a year to walk without a limp. I ride bicycle to shape me up and stay limber.
    Most bikers I knew that went through what I did either died or committed suicide from the
    pain and meds they were hooked on. I have a good woman that has my back when things are scary in life.

    I pulled the morphine IV out when in ICU. I told the Doc it gave me nightmares and that I'd rather
    deal with the pain. Funny part was. He smiled and said, "Sure. No problem."

    Folks here can desk jockey and harp on the evils of using marijuana. All I have to say it is better than oxycontin and I get around and get things done with/using it.

    You look at my profile onebuck and will see I walk the walk when I talk the talk.
    I am no poser.

    Edit: Nice outside down here.

    $ inxi -W 79772 xx
    Weather: Conditions: 66 F (19 C) - Clear Time: January 20, 12:12 PM CST
    Happy Trailz, Rok
    Posted 01-20-2015 at 12:08 PM by rokytnji rokytnji is offline
    Updated 01-20-2015 at 12:15 PM by rokytnji
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    Bleak outside, cabin fever and our new car.


    I hit a deer while riding my motorcycle at 25 MPH. That was not pretty. Broken bones, road burn, scalped me plus stitches all over and totaled my bike.

    I am little shy now, I almost lost it. Doctors told my wife they almost lost me, I am on blood thinners and when I bleed it's like a stuck pig. That doe was only 120 lbs and I was lucky to see her as she came between two cars and my reaction to be able to hit the kill switch to prevent more damage to me. Even though the bike flipped and I came down on the windshield which broke ribs then I fell onto my left shoulder breaking it. My scalp was folded back and I was bleeding badly from abrasions & cuts. Last thing I did remember after the accident was stepping over to my bike and seeing the doe writhing on the side of the road. I reached for my cell but I had to sit down, so I sat down on the side of the bike and passed out. I then woke up as they were taking me out of the ambulance to the emergency room.

    I did go back to neighbors to gather more info so I could know what happened because a lot in my mind was still foggy. I love wild life but deer are at the bottom for me. I do my hunting at Krogers and really do not have any form of blood lust that must be satisfied by hunting. I used too hunt when I was younger but that was for food on the table since we were poor because my mother divorced my father. My fathers family was affluent and once we moved out of our home to live in Southern Illinois the financial picture changed. Real shocker there!

    I am sure that has been a driving force for my professional life. I worked hard to get where I am now. My life is good now. Reminds me that when we named our Yacht it was 'Life is Good!'. Great times on the water with family and friends. But a lot of hard work to maintain that baby. Money hole in the water. Another story that I may share someday.

    I like to close my posts by the below to extend my attitude and too share;
    Hope this helps.
    Have fun & enjoy!
    Posted 01-19-2015 at 03:48 PM by onebuck onebuck is offline
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    Old time Winter, at least that's what the weather analyst call it.

    DeSoto is almost, but not quite, a suburb of Kansas City these days.

    I had the opposite experience. When I moved to Connecticut after living in South Dakota I was freaked because I couldn't see enough of the sky.
    Posted 01-12-2015 at 09:39 AM by vmccord vmccord is offline
    Updated 01-12-2015 at 09:40 AM by vmccord
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    Old time Winter, at least that's what the weather analyst call it.

    At one time I couldn't believe the sheer distance one could see across the state of Kansas.

    Then sometime later I took a drive down I-84W in Oregon, and hit the lookout point just before Pendleton. I swear you can see Japan from there.

    Edit - I grew up in the swamps of south Louisiana (i.e. 60 miles south of New Orleans) and later in my childhood in the woods of northeast Texas, so (to this day) being able to see more than 50 feet amazes me.
    Posted 01-11-2015 at 03:24 PM by rocket357 rocket357 is offline
    Updated 01-11-2015 at 03:30 PM by rocket357


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