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    ExTiX 18.4 – “The Ultimate Linux System” – with LXQt 0.12.0, Refracta Tools, Calamares Installer and kernel 4.16.2-exton – Build 180419

    Softpedia 180419: ExTiX, the Ultimate Linux Operating System, Is Now Based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

    "If you can't wait for the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) operating system to come out and you want to try something different, we recommend taking the latest ExTiX release for a test drive.

    ExTiX is dubbed the "Ultimate Linux System," and it's been updated earlier today by developer Arne Exton to version 18.4, based on Canonical's upcoming Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operating system. However, ExTiX is using the lightweight and modern LXQt 0.12.0 as default desktop environment instead of GNOME, and it's powered by the latest Linux 4.16.2 kernel.

    After removing GNOME I have installed LXQt 0.12.0 said Arne Exton in today's announcement. Programs won’t crash or anything like that. And I haven’t discovered any bugs to report. While running ExTiX LXQt 18.4 live or from the hard drive you can use Refracta tools (pre-installed) to create your own live installable Ubuntu system. A ten-year child can do it."

    Posted 04-20-2018 at 04:47 AM by exton exton is offline
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    ##slackware-help community support update

    Originally Posted by mralk3 View Comment
    Keep up the good work!
    Thanks :-) I worry that spreading myself too thin puts projects like ##slackware-help in jeapordy, so your words of encouragement are appreciated.
    Posted 04-09-2018 at 02:03 PM by ttk ttk is offline
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    Posted 04-07-2018 at 08:38 PM by mralk3 mralk3 is offline
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    RaspArch Build 180402 :: Run Arch Linux on your new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ computer :: Install using Win32 Disk Imager in Windows!

    Softpedia 180402: You Can Now Run Arch Linux on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Computer with RaspArch

    "RaspArch developer Arne Exton released today a new build of his Arch Linux-based operating system designed for Raspberry Pi single-board computers (SBCs), adding support for the recently launched Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ computer.

    Powered by the Linux 4.14.31 kernel and using the latest packages from the software repositories of the acclaimed Arch Linux operating system, RaspArch Build 180402 was especially created for Raspberry Pi Foundation's new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ single-board computer, but it can also be used on the older Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B SBCs.

    RaspArch is a derivative of the Arch Linux ARM operating system, and it uses the lightweight LXDE desktop environment by default, along with popular Open Source applications like the Mozilla Firefox web browser, GIMP image editor, Yaourt graphical package management tool, and PulseAudio sound server. According to the developers, RaspArch is a ready-to-go ARM system."

    Posted 04-03-2018 at 08:47 AM by exton exton is offline
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    The Future of Network Hardware

    A lot of this already exists.
    Posted 04-01-2018 at 03:52 PM by mralk3 mralk3 is offline
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    Don't click random links!

    Just got back into gopher a few months back. Pissed me off that FF, etc, dropped gopher:// support. There are plenty of other options. I do miss the days with my 14.4Kbps modem surfing BBS and gopher sites. Fun times - later upgrade to 56Knps was amazing! The modern web is shit mostly: block ads and scripts and you get a near blank page - not really what the CERN physicists had in mind.

    At least, like USENET, there are a few still keeping gopher alive.
    Posted 04-01-2018 at 02:04 PM by kingbeowulf kingbeowulf is offline
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    Don't click random links!

    Thanks. I wasn't aware of that interface to wikipedia. Unfortunately many of the articles themselves haven't been converted to plain text cleanly, some still contain elements of formatting meta-data that slip through an spoil the read, but it's a worthy attempt. The main page does clearly show how clean/tidy a gopher interface can be.
    Posted 04-01-2018 at 08:27 AM by GazL GazL is offline
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    Posted 03-31-2018 at 03:32 PM by kingbeowulf kingbeowulf is offline
  9. Old Comment

    Don't click random links!

    Hey, no worries. I do understand where you're coming from, and most my blog posts are driven by boredom too. I don't expect people to take them too seriously.
    Posted 03-31-2018 at 06:46 AM by GazL GazL is offline
  10. Old Comment

    Don't click random links!

    The example I wrote really has more to do with physical location than anything else.

    I'm well aware there's probably nothing out to get you in a pub, or this forum. But places exist where EVERYTHING is out to get you, like mainland AU.
    Random location is random, could be Irish pub, or Detroit suburbs. If someone says don't go random places, it does not mean don't go anywhere.
    Don't hit random links could mean don't hit links you know nothing about, because there's plenty of well documented sites which can cause you grief.
    Anyway, I meant no disrespect, I'm just incredibly bored.
    Posted 03-31-2018 at 05:17 AM by elcore elcore is offline
  11. Old Comment

    Don't click random links!

    There's a difference between "WARNING! This beach has been subject to shark attack, you really don't want to swim here." and "Don't swim in any ocean anywhere because... OMG SHARKS!"

    My objection is simply to blanket statements, which should have been clear from what I posted above. If you still can't see what I'm getting at then I guess we're just on a different wavelength.
    Posted 03-31-2018 at 03:58 AM by GazL GazL is offline
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    Don't click random links!

    So because majority of shark species are harmless and they move around all the time, the dude who put up the warning sign cannot be trusted?
    There must be some sort of reason not to walk into a clearly marked minefield as well, I just can't think of one right now.

    I can't tell whether or not you're being serious about this.
    Posted 03-30-2018 at 06:54 AM by elcore elcore is offline
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    Don't click random links!

    That gives too much power and puts too much faith in the map makers. The Internet was intended to provide peer to peer communication: something that people seem to forget in this age of centralised social media behemoths.

    It's all very well labelling parts of the map "Here be Dragons!", but that just scares people away from going there, and besides, Dragons MOVE!

    Anyway, my point is not about throwing caution to the wind but to draw attention to the emptiness of statements like "don't click on random links" which are akin to saying something like "To be safe, never go out your front door".

    The real advice should be "Secure your browser as best you can... use your noodle... and always keep one eye open for approaching Dragons."
    Posted 03-30-2018 at 04:08 AM by GazL GazL is offline
    Updated 03-30-2018 at 04:13 AM by GazL
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    Don't click random links!

    The concept of web exists for billions of years.

    The 'you never know' is not quite true, because things have been documented and there is ongoing effort to whitelist, blacklist, and map the web.
    Ignoring the maps and diving head first into the web, maybe a brave thing to do, but certainly not very wise.
    Posted 03-30-2018 at 12:43 AM by elcore elcore is offline
  15. Old Comment

    RaspEX based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with LXDE and kernel 4.14.30 especially made for the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ ::: Build 180328

    Softpedia 180328: You Can Now Install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on Your Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ with RaspEX

    "If you want to install Canonical's upcoming Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) operating system on your brand new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ computer, now you can with the latest RaspEX distro.

    RaspEX developer Arne Exton released today a new version of its Linux distro for Raspberry Pi SBCs (single-board computers) with support for Raspberry Pi Foundation's recently announced Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, which features a faster 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, dual-band 802.11ac wireless, and Gigabit Ethernet.

    Under the hood, the developer rebased the kernel on Linux 4.14.30 LTS with support for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+'s hardware, as well as the base system on the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operating system, though some packages are borrowed from Debian GNU/Linux 9 "Stretch" and Linaro software for ARM SoCs."

    Posted 03-29-2018 at 02:34 AM by exton exton is offline
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    Don't click random links!

    floodgap run a web proxy for gopher but mostly it's just for the sake of nostalgia. Most of the gopherspace it provides access to has fallen into a state of disrepair by now.

    I still have gophernicus installed here, which I use with lynx locally, but it's mostly just for nostalgia. However, it it does remind one how "clean" a curated systems such as gopher can feel, especially compared to the mess that is the modern javscript based web.

    I've always liked gopher, but I'm a less-is-more kind of guy.
    Posted 03-27-2018 at 11:04 AM by GazL GazL is offline
  17. Old Comment

    Don't click random links!

    There was a thread on 4chan the other day about going back to gopher. Screenshots of some sort of gopher-to-web server. Unsure if they were real or photoshopped.

    But yeah, I do a good amount of my browsing in links to get past stuff like that. One time I ran a live-cd in a VM just to access a particular site. A bit extreme but sometimes extreme is the only way.
    Posted 03-24-2018 at 05:25 PM by jr_bob_dobbs jr_bob_dobbs is offline


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