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Siljrath 05-25-2019 01:31 PM

smxi in bedrock
~ i think this might have been asked in irc long ago... might be wise to get it asked somewhere with more permanence(/persistence? (...stays around to be seen longer)).~

is smxi safe in bedrock?
are smxi scripts safe in bedrock?
what parts of smxi scripts are safe in bedrock?
what guidance is there on smxi scripts in bedrock?

what fun have you had, is there to have, in running the various designed-for-debian scripts on bedrock, with or without strat -r, and what gets mucked up and what leads to glory and what leads to comedy and what .... what's the what what where how etc for smxi in bedrock?

smxi's inxi smxi sgfxi svmi rbxi scripts, the whole gang. wat hapn?

smxi in bedrock?

(idk if i'm imagining it... but... did i kill one of my past bedrocks with something from there? idk. some possibilities of that in the more system meddling parts of the smxi scripts? can some of the system meddling scripts in there over-write any important parts of bedrock? fear~search~question.)~

ParadigmComplex 05-25-2019 02:28 PM

I'm not familiar with it. After giving it a brief look, my guess is it will probably work fine with the usual caveats:
  • It may or may not need to be restricted. I won't know without further investigation. Maybe restrict it just to be safe if you use it on a production machine.
  • If you're using it to manage proprietary nVidia drivers, the work around will likely continue to be necessary.
Maybe play around with it on a spare machine or VM to see for yourself.

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