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tfwStarving 07-13-2019 07:59 PM

Startx fails on login
Hi I just recently switched over to a ryzen 3600 CPU and a x570-a pro motherboard, I hadnt used my PC in some time and had some issues with systemd that were fixed by updating but now when i try to login and start I3 with x the screen freezes. When i switch back and forth from a different TTY i get an error message saying to check the log file I am not nearly qualified to know whats going wrong here by reading this log file so could anyone possibly lend me a hand?

Here is the output of the logfile

mrmazda 07-14-2019 02:27 AM

I use neither I3 nor Arch nor Ryzen, so cannot recommend much that is based upon personal experience.

Sometimes updates don't finish, or don't finish as expected. Trying to refresh or repeat the update might fix something. Whatever this "updating" did may have made a change that was not functionally complete. Your GPU/APU probably should be using the optional amdgpu DDX, but is actually using the default DDX, modesetting, and the log reports there is crashing occurring when change in mode is called for. Sometimes the amdgpu isn't used because of missing non-FOSS firmware. The Arch Wiki is among the best, so if no one else chimes in here, you should nevertheless be able to use these clues find out if you have all required firmware, whether you have the amdgpu DDX package installed, and how to engage its use. On other distros, engaging amdgpu is often a simple matter of removing other drivers, but in your case, the default is being used, so something needed is apparently missing.

WFV 11-06-2019 11:44 PM

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