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permaroot 09-28-2019 12:46 PM

Possible bug with startx and wpa_supplicant?
So I'm running Arch 5.3.1 using xorg and i3 for my window manager setup. Neauvo drivers for video.

When I sudo start wpa_supplicant and then startx, startx fails with mostly permission errors.

When I startx THEN sudo start wpa_supplicant, no issues.

Anyone able to recreate this issue? Or shed some light on why its happening?

Relevant logs on my original post

Thanks in advance.

ondoho 09-28-2019 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by permaroot (Post 6041683)

erm sorry, no, there's no "relevant" logs there.
Nothing pertaining to wpa_supplicant or how it could be preventing X from starting up.
Not enough info about those "mostly permission errors" either.
Please read the first two links in my signature.

permaroot 09-28-2019 08:50 PM

No need to be hostile, friendo.

The error I see is below.

modeset(G0): drmSetMaster failed: Permission denied

A permission error.

And I can replicate the problem again and again by simply starting wpa_supplicant before x.

Just asking for help, not to be ripped on.

From the second link in your bio “ How does it work, and what does it need to run without error?”

“It” needs me to not run wpa_supplicant before x.

What is the issue(s)? I think I stated that.

Are there error messages? (if any) The log it told me to check is posted in my link.

Can you reproduce the issue? Yes, as explained in my OP

When did you first encounter these issues and what was changed between then and when the system was operating without error? Fresh install. No changes other than downloading the packages and configuring them as per the wiki.

I simply want help/guidance to find out why.

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