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michaelross372 01-16-2013 12:03 PM

Migrating from Mythbuntu 11.04 mythtv 0.25 to LinHES 7.4 mythtv 0.25
I have a master backend / frontend running mythbuntu 11.04 with mythtv 0.25 and a LinHES 7.4 slave backend running mythtv 0.25. I want to swap them!

Fed up with ubuntu and the awful upgrade path so want to switch to the rolling release of ARCH based LinHES.

I think I know what I would have to do to change the fstab file. Wondering if /dev/by-uuid would have the same result in LinHES as it would in mythbuntu. That would be easier and more certain than using device entries ala /dev/sdx.

Do I have to use mythconverg_backup separately for the master & slave? How it exactly might that work when it comes to restoring. assume I have reconfigured the fstab entries after swapping hard drives which is what I hope to do. Are there other issues ie hardware issues that cold problematic?

This one runs Mythbuntu 11.04 - Primary Frontend / Master Backend i5 1gb NVIDIA pcie card hdmi out video card. 8gb ram, ECS motherboard. nec firewire card attached to two settop boxes for video capture.on board sound, lan1000, etc. One 80gb ssd drive (OCZ) with OS , 3 2TB SATA drives with content (video, music. tv recordings, pictures,). External 1.5tb drive attached via USB.

This one runs LinHES Slave Backend / Secondary frontend- P$ 3.0ghz 2gb ram 120 gb ssd drive (OCZ) with OS. 512mb nvidia agp card, SD tuner pvr150, DVB tuner HVR-1600, etc

If necessary will give more detailed specs.

If someone can spot something I am missing or resolve my questions about fstab device entries and using mythconverg with master & slave that would be reassuring.

Have had excellent results and success with mythconverg in the past. More success than failure with knoppmyth / LinHES backup & restore tool and no luck with the mythbuntu control panel backup and restore tool.

Thanks in advance for the input on my migration / swap project.

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