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saturn1955 12-04-2019 03:12 AM

installing libreoffice via terminal

I want to install libreoffice via terminal, but I got the error message below
( libreoffice cannot be found )
With ubuntu there are no probs. Maybe I did something wrong. Anybody here to help me with that?


root@satellite2410:~# sudo apt-get install libreoffice libreoffice-l10n-de libreoffice-help-de
Paketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig
Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut.     
Statusinformationen werden eingelesen.... Fertig
E: Paket libreoffice kann nicht gefunden werden.
E: Paket libreoffice-l10n-de kann nicht gefunden werden.
E: Paket libreoffice-help-de kann nicht gefunden werden.

Turbocapitalist 12-04-2019 04:43 AM

Usually you need to refresh the repository's listings.


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libreoffice libreoffice-l10n-de libreoffice-help-de

If that is not working then look at what is or isn't in the repostiory and the repository itself:


apt-cache policy libreoffice
apt-cache policy

Also, if you are already logged in as root, it is not necessary to use sudo to become root again.

Edit: if the above does not work, then also try this before installing:


sudo apt update
It may ask a question or two about the repositories.

fatmac 12-04-2019 05:45 AM

You should be able to install it using,


sudo apt-get install libreoffice*
(after running update).

saturn1955 12-04-2019 09:29 AM

I installed the office package with the package installer, that worked, and after that the German language package with the terminal.

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