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crazyeddie740 11-25-2004 10:30 PM

Need help with the LQwiki article
Currently, the LQwiki's [[Amigo Linux]] article consists of a quoted project website blurb, which is heavy on marketing, low on information, and is on questionable copyright grounds. Somebody in this forum want to help out?

gnashley 11-26-2004 12:09 AM

What do you want to know?

crazyeddie740 11-26-2004 11:37 AM

That's not a simple question. Everything and anything. If I knew enough to ask the right questions, I probably wouldn't be asking for help.

My main immediate concern though is to replace the current quote from the project website. So I guess I need somebody to write 1-3 paragraphs on what Amigo Linux is, what the pro and cons are, etc.

Ideally, I'd like for at least one member of this forum to maintain the article. But for now, I guess I'll just cut-and-paste what ever comes up in this thread. I'm assuming everbody's okay with their work being placed under Creative Commons by-sa?

gnashley 11-26-2004 11:35 PM

Most of the info you seek can be gleaned from the website. Around 1,000 people per month find all they need there, since they download and are never heard from. I wasn't even aware of the WIKI page existing. They've simply done as ibiblio and quoted the main burb from the homepage. The blurb naturally tries to get you to have a look at the website -pretty hard to say much in one paragraph.

crazyeddie740 11-27-2004 01:57 AM

Maybe a bit more of a explanation is needed. The "LQ" in "LQwiki" is short for - we're part of the LQ, just like this forum. I'm a moderator there. I don't want the information for myself, but rather for inclusion into the wiki.

The problem with the current "blurb" article is that it may or may not infringe on's copyright. While I'm about 90% sure that they wouldn't mind, I can't be sure. I would have to email the copyright holder(s) and ask for explicit permission to release the material under Creative Commons by-sa, the license that the LQwiki uses. Under this license, a third party could sell the material, and the orginal copyright holders wouldn't be able to backport any changes we made unless they released it under the CC by-sa, and only the CC by-sa. Because of this, there is a non-zero chance of permission being denied.

Even if that wasn't an issue, I would rather that the article be more netural in tone, rather than reading like advertising.

I'm afraid that I don't know enough about Amigo Linux to rewrite the article myself. So I've come here looking for help, because this forum is also a part of the LQ, and because the page links here itself.

BTW, you can link to LQwiki articles from this forum like this: [ [Amigo Linux] ] (minus the spaces). So it might be a good idea to see what we have already, so you can direct questioners if it will help them. Or even better, to put any frequently sought information there so you won't have to repeat yourselves.

gnashley 11-27-2004 01:06 PM

I am the copyright holder and was unaware of the existence of the page, actually. I'll edit some to try and be more helpful.
Could this be area be used for Amigo-specific HOWTO's?

jeremy 11-27-2004 01:47 PM

gnashley, please feel free to enter as much Amigo related content as you would like released under the CC by-sa license. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks.


crazyeddie740 11-29-2004 03:50 PM


Originally posted by gnashley
I am the copyright holder and was unaware of the existence of the page, actually. I'll edit some to try and be more helpful.
I suspected that might be the case, since the official project page links here. Thanks for your help! Don't let us take away too much from your development or forum time though. I think you could reuse some intro material from the documentation, rather than the website blurb. That might save you some time.

Also, might be good to link to this forum from the page.


Could this be area be used for Amigo-specific HOWTO's?
Dear sweet jesus, yes! It would be best to put HOWTOs in seperate articles and link from the Amigo page. Since I'm assuming the offical documentation is under the same license as the distro itself (GPL, no doubt), backporting changes done by other contributors will be problematic. But I don't think that's too much of a problem.

The LQwiki is *always* on the lookout for additional material. But we need contributors and editors to debug the existing work even more - especially one as experienced as you. So feel free to wander around!

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