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pross 04-13-2004 08:30 PM

opt software, file hierarchy & prep. packages
Hi all,

I "inherited" AIX boxes and upgraded from 4.3.3 to 5.1.

Anyway, the dir hierarchy for optional software looks a little bit messy and I am asked to clean up.

There is /opt, /usr/opt and /usr/local. /usr/opt contains a freeware directory, /opt/freeware is a symbolic link to it.

I would like to sort it out in a way which is good "AIX style" (I am an AIX newbie) instead of adopting a style I am familiar with (well, I prefer FreeBSD hier(4).. it would be nice to have such a man page on AIX but I don't think there is one)

Besides of that.. are there prepared freeware packages provided by IBM and are they usable or is it better to build GNU and other open source software from scratch using the sources?

Thanks for advice

iainr 04-14-2004 02:33 PM

In AIX 5, /opt is the "official" preference and should be a separate filesystem (though it doesn't do any harm if it isn't). However, there isn't really a right and wrong, so there's nothing wrong with a /usr/opt; but if you want to tidy up then go for /opt.

There are freeware packages supplied by IBM, and others, pre-compiled. has links to some websites; or the IBM Linux applications CD (which ships with AIX 5.1 and 5.2 CDs) has lots on too, from bash and KDE to python. It all works fine, though may be somewhat down level. Also, it seems to me that the rpm that ships with AIX 5.1/5.2 has a bug where it doesn't pick up on dependencies automatically so you need a bit of messing around to install some things in rpm format.

If you want the latest versions, you'll want to build from sources; but it isn't necessary.

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