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Teleute 01-06-2011 08:02 PM

NIS users can't log in locally after update
EDIT: Ack...title should be "Can't log in *remotely*"!!!

I just did an update on two machines from AIX 5.3 TL6 to TL7 (legacy support for older compilers). One of them continues to work perfectly. The other no longer allows NIS users to login remotely (they can at the console). We can login as a local user (the only local users are root and a new one I created just for this case), and then su to NIS uses with no problem. ypwhich returns the proper information, and when su'd to an NIS user the id command works, etc... so NIS itself seems to be fine. I completely uninstalled and reinstalled, to be sure, but got the same issue.

I've checked the /etc/security/user file on both machines, and they're identical (except for the new local user I just added, of course). In both, under default, SYSTEM = compat.

Another interesting thing I noticed - when I do 'lsuser –f <my-nislogin>' at the working machine, I get a large list of items, including my groups, etc... When I do it on the non-working machine, I only get my last login time and a couple of other things. Same in SMIT – all that stuff shows as blank for my user, but fine on the other machine. However, when I do 'lsuser –f ALL', output to a file, and search for my name, I get the full entry, just like on the working machine. I found an article that's supposed to be on the IBM site (through the search) that seems to talk about this, but when I try to go to it, it says it's not there anymore. Number is IY40233.

I checked, and everything is at the proper maintenance level (oslevel –r –l 5300-07).

Anyone have any thoughts? I'm stumped...

Thank you!

Teleute 01-11-2011 11:37 AM

In case anyone's looking at this later on - unfortunately I never found any way to solve this. I just ended up reinstalling the machine (up to TL7) and it worked perfectly. So there was definitely something odd going on keeping it from working, but sadly I don't know what that was.

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