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pobman 12-10-2008 10:32 PM

mksysb restore - Wrong OS level for restore
Hi all,

I am still working on my mksysb restore.

My latest issue is during an alt_disk_install from tape I got the following error after all the data had been restored.


0505-143 alt_disk_install: Unable to match mksysb level 5.2.0 with any
available boot images.  Please correct this problem and re-execute phase 3
or run "alt_disk_install -X" to clean up.

I now see that the version on the old mksysb tape is 5200-03 and the version on CD and installed on the DR server I have is 5200-09.
Does this mean I need to use the older 5200-03 CD? If so how do I get it as we are missing CD1 of that set.

Can any one suggest what I should do next.


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