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dipica 03-22-2010 12:52 AM

error msg on chsh
i read somewhere, that to change the shell we need to type

chsh after the prompt..

when i do this...i m getting an error messge..

3004-634 Error getting shell for "guest".
3004-703 Check "/etc/security/login.cfg" file.

what does this specify??

jxmcguire1 04-02-2010 02:10 AM

probable just running up against default security policy issues
Most distros will have some sort of security policy and mechanisms that implement those policies, such as not allowing the root account to do a local graphical login.

Other policies might include things like not allowing certain high risk accounts, guest accounts for example, to change the shell used by that account. These things often seem unreasonable restrictions, but the idea came around from the experience of systems being cracked by a malicious user with anonymous access (the guest account).

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