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nicolas101 06-22-2004 10:38 AM

Error code 651-740 in root mail
Hi all,

I found a few of these messages in the root mail:

651-740: Time-out on communication response from Service Processor

I'm having trouble finding informatin on the ibm website concerning error codes, or service processors for that matter. Any tips on where to find the information on this issue would be much appreciated.

nicolas101 06-22-2004 11:38 AM

oh yeah, i forgot to tell you what the title of the message is:


iainr 06-22-2004 01:23 PM

Diagela analyses the error log. This means that the response is to look at the error log (errpt -a) to find out more information about the error.

If the error log entry it's finding is an old one, it could be already fixed - diagela will still flag it. This means that you should check the error log, raise a call with IBM if needed, fix the problem if needed and finally clear down the error log with the errclear command so diagela stops annoying you.

nicolas101 06-22-2004 01:37 PM

I had checked the error log before posting and i checked it again after reading your post...nothing...

It seems that whatever diagela is picking up (by the way, thx for clearing that up!) isn't being logged. But it is a good idea to call IBM, i just wanted to see what I could find out.

screwloose 06-22-2004 04:16 PM

This link will give you the details on the service processor.

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