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iamxmant 06-18-2018 01:53 PM

Install samba server on 4mlinux
I want to share file on 4mlinux to windows user, how to install samba server? How to make a samba server package?

zk1234 06-18-2018 03:12 PM

Unfortunately, there is no samba server in 4MLinux. However, you can try the following:

1) Install the latest stable 4MLinux 32-bit:

2) Install development packages:

3) Download source files:

4) Replace "./configure" with "./configure --prefix=/usr" in the script.

4) Change permissions ("chmod 755") and execute the script.

5) The script will compile samba and put it in the directory named "build".

6) Finally, execute "zk build" to create your samba addon.


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