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jeremy 12-23-2020 11:19 AM

Database of the Year
Always a hotly debated topic.


YesItsMe 12-25-2020 12:08 PM

For embedded systems, SQLite is hard to beat. If actual database servers are involved, PostgreSQL is the clear winner in terms of features, scalability, price (sorry Oracle) and performance. I'll choose PostgreSQL because it's what I use the most right now.

Tux! 01-06-2021 03:20 AM

PostgreSQL is the least annoying, ergo the best.
There is no perfect database.

wagnerbianchi 01-06-2021 05:43 AM

Database of the year

teatime 01-06-2021 05:51 AM

MariaDB has every feature the others wish they had and it actually scales, using a plethora of different replication technologies.

* Online schema changes! People always get stuffy about transactional DDL, but it's only for a single server. Where is that transaction running on a scaled solution?
* The columnstore is here for everyone as of 10.5. And now it can back onto bucket storage.
* Xpand/clustrix is still commercial, but it's actually horizonally scalable sql.
* Mariabackup! Learn it, use it, love it.
* You can have your JSON I guess...I prefer dynamic columns.
* Spider and Galera are immense. There are some huge installations of them both from hundres of terabytes per-cluster and beyond.
* InnoDB is now going through a big rewrite, because, you know, the InnoDB guys actually work at MariaDB. They have actually done well to poach a several engineers from the likes of sybase, ms, and ibm over the years. Maxscale didn't happen by accident!

Turbocapitalist 01-06-2021 06:18 AM

Is this only for SQL databases? YottaDB has been doing a lot of interesting things this year and though it is not SQL itself it now has an SQL front-end, Octo since mid-September.

Tux! 01-06-2021 07:37 AM


Originally Posted by teatime (Post 6204586)
MariaDB has every feature the others wish they had and it actually scales, using a plethora of different replication technologies.

It also has the worst defaults of all databases I ever worked with, making it extremely hard to migrate existing databases from Windows to Linux or HP-UX.

It also has the worst possible user-management options, which makes me stay away from it as long as possible. dbeaver helps, but still.

bogeyman2007 01-11-2021 07:45 AM

Maria... Maria...

faisalee 01-22-2021 04:08 AM

MariaDB with it's complete solution of HA, Extreme OLTP Scale with Xpand engine, Extreme scale on the OLTP side with ColumnStore engine and MaxScale at the top to bring it all together in a beautiful and the most powerful package that makes it handle every typo of workload that one can throw at it! :)

Tux! 01-22-2021 07:21 AM

I forgot to add that EnterpriseDB is missing from this list, which brings the horrid world of Oracle to be bearable on a PostgreSQL database with the addition of easy db-administration and better support. And it is waaaaaaay cheaper than Oracle.
EnterpriseDB essentially being PostgreSQL under the hood, I'm not asking to add it, but it might be worth adding it next year.

dtrivi 01-26-2021 10:09 AM

Vote : MariaDB

wizard_ 01-28-2021 07:18 AM


Originally Posted by dtrivi (Post 6212189)
Vote : MariaDB


shyukri 02-01-2021 03:01 PM


nilnandan 02-02-2021 03:23 AM

It must be MariaDB

goldleviathan 02-02-2021 10:48 PM

Do any of these work with arm64 on a raspberry pi 4?

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