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jeremy 01-05-2019 12:34 PM

Window Manager of the Year
If you are looking for KDE, Gnome, MATE, Unity, etc they are in the Desktop Environment Award.

NOTE: Window Managers that are rarely used outside of their Desktop Environment counterparts are no longer included in this category, based on feedback. This includes: Compiz, KWin, Marco, Muffin, Mutter and xfwm4.
NOTE: Enlightenment was moved to the Desktop Environment category twp years ago.


YesItsMe 01-07-2019 12:46 AM

In 2018, I replaced StumpWM by dwm while still keeping Window Maker installed. dwm has been my exclusive "desktop" for a while now. I guess I'll have to tick its box this year.

Mike_Walsh 01-07-2019 06:54 AM

Puppy's JWM/Rox-filer combo works for me, brilliantly. I'm now so used to it that I really struggle with 'conventional' DEs on the rare occasions I have to use them.....though, out of all of them, XFCE would probably be my favourite.

DEs are too heavy, to my way of thinking, and want to integrate everything into themselves.....

Mike. ;)

pisti 01-09-2019 12:33 PM

fvwm - it doesn't do anything, no services i don't want, it's just there, quietly & rockstable for months, and this at a wonderful small footprint on system resources, even with dozens or hundreds of windows open...

dugan 01-09-2019 01:44 PM

I voted for i3, even though I'm currently using OpenBox.

anticapitalista 01-09-2019 06:30 PM


jamison20000e 01-09-2019 06:56 PM

JWM then tho Window Maker*more so... :D

weirdwolf 01-09-2019 07:50 PM


frankbell 01-09-2019 09:44 PM

Fluxbox. Whatever DE or WM I try, I always seem to come back to Flux.

mward2015 01-10-2019 07:19 AM

OpenBox, really helps to squeeze the max performance out of old PC while still having GUI

linustalman 01-10-2019 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by frankbell (Post 5946739)
Fluxbox. Whatever DE or WM I try, I always seem to come back to Flux.

I always install Fluxbox as a backup in-case I cannot log into my main DE for some reason.

rokytnji 01-10-2019 10:16 AM

Still using IceWM.

cowlitzron 01-10-2019 01:12 PM

i3. It's more lightweight than Openbox and Fluxbox. Unlike Openbox, i3 uses plain text for configuration. Openbox uses xml. i3 has excellent documentation and is a tiling wm which supports keyboard shortcuts to run apps. Like Openbox, it supports wallpaper.

Saptech 01-12-2019 09:33 AM

Openbox for me...I can't seem to shake it.

jmccue 01-12-2019 10:04 AM

I am trying not to vote for my favorite WM (fvwm) and the one I use the most as I have done in the past. So now want to vote for something that impacted me the most over the past year. Last year it was WindowMaker because I wanted to give a shout out to the Developers for it for bringing a very unique Window Manager back to life.

This year I went with Fluxbox, which I started using at work. At work we are allowed to use RHEL as opposed to Windows, which I have been using since the 5x days. This year the move to 7.5 caused a massive slowdown in GNOME3 and other very minor issues, I went to KDE(4) and that worked OK except for a couple of proprietary applications we must use. Those applications would cause very odd and annoying screen flashing in KDE. Before 7.5, both KDE(4) and GNOME had no issues but those applications had problems with Window Managers.

I tried fvwm but the problem persisted, so I gave Fluxbox a spin, and much to my delight, the issue has yet to occur.

Thus my vote for Fluxbox, it gives me a very fast and lite environment to use at work.

Note: I also tried xfce, but that had a major issue with just one of the proprietary applications which pretty much made that app unusable :(

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