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jeremy 12-28-2016 11:42 AM

Desktop Environment of the Year
If you're looking for Fluxbox, Window Maker or similar options - they are in the Window Manager of the Year poll.


Timothy Miller 12-28-2016 11:49 AM

I'm divided on this category. I use plasma most, but think for most of the year the latest version of it was pre-alpha quality. The problem to me is that it was still more feature-complete for what I want than anything else, and so I wasn't willing to move away from it.

hydrurga 12-28-2016 12:02 PM

It was interesting for me looking at my vote from a year ago. I was using KDE4 then, but strongly suspected that both the looks and buggyness of Plasma would drive me to Cinammon or Xfce rather than move on to Plasma. In the end, neither won out and MATE is now my desktop environment of choice.

273 12-28-2016 12:14 PM

Boringly, still XFCE. I don't hate GNOME on Wayland as much as I thought I would (I'm stuck with it on my laptop) but the "more modern" desktops just end up getting in my way.

rokytnji 12-28-2016 01:42 PM

Voted XFCE.

stanvan 12-28-2016 03:12 PM

Voted for XFCE (nicely customized by Linux Lite), but also partial to MATE and LXDE (which didn't make the list).

cowlitzron 12-28-2016 11:37 PM

MATE has been working well for me. More lightweight than KDE and Unity. I like the default file manager well, too. JULinux leader, Justin Breithaupt made a good decision to base JULinux 12 on Ubuntu MATE.

wagscat123 12-29-2016 05:34 PM

I never thought I would see myself vote for the GNOME Shell...

But with my first touch-screen PC, GNOME feels more natural than my traditional Mint and KDE favorites. In fact, GNOME 3 feels more natural than Unity or sometimes even Windows 8/10.

My vote this year is a shoutout to the beauty of GNOME on a touchscreen, even though I'm a steadfast KDEphile. Perhaps I'm back to my swingvote status of the pre-GNOME 3 era.

fatmac 12-31-2016 07:28 AM

I don't often use a DE, but if I were to install one it would be XFCE.

IndyGunFreak 01-02-2017 07:29 AM

After the Gnome 3 debacle, when I'd been happy with Gnome 2 and MATE gave me stability issues, I happily switched to LXDE. Then about 4yrs ago, I bought a new laptop and honestly, I accidentally downloaded the XFCE version of Debian instead of the LXDE version. I'd used XFCE plenty before, so it's not like I wasn't familiar with it. I honestly can't explain why I didn't just go back and download the LXDE version and put it on the flash drive I had, as I'd always been happy with LXDE. I figured at some point I'd add LXDE and probably remove XFCE from my install, but for whatever reason, I stuck w/ XFCE and have been using it very happily ever since. LXDE would be an easy second place for me.. but I honestly don't foresee myself not using XFCE unless they do something crazy like the Gnome team did.

sowell 01-03-2017 10:16 AM

Enlightenment all the way.

FredGSanford 01-03-2017 10:38 AM

I use Mate...

MrRtd 01-03-2017 05:17 PM

I'm still a fan and user of KDE and the Plasma desktop.

stevethefiddle 01-04-2017 03:31 PM

Hard to pick just one with so many excellent DEs, but settled on Xfce for now.
They're ALL better than the Microsoft / Apple offerings.

aguador 01-05-2017 03:07 PM

I was torn having seen the advances in Mate, but it is E all the way for me. It is not perfect, but it gives a nice balance between fully blown DE and WM . . . while retaining the lightness of a WM. It gives me some nice eye-candy, but stays out of my way so I can work!

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