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jeremy 12-21-2011 05:41 PM

Open Source CMS/Blogging Platform of the Year
A newer category that has been quite close since its inception.


sycamorex 12-29-2011 06:09 AM

I find MODx very powerful.

hasanatizaz 12-31-2011 12:50 PM


xma 01-03-2012 05:46 AM

Nothing about dotclear or pluxml ? I find pluxml a really capable blogging system: flat XML files (no need for a database engine) and quite fast.

jeremy 01-03-2012 11:46 AM

Dotclear has been added.


JimBrewster 01-03-2012 02:56 PM

I don't see CMSMadeSimple.

jeremy 01-03-2012 02:58 PM

CMS Made Simple has been added.


brashley46 01-03-2012 05:56 PM

Is freeGuppy not open-source?

JohnV2 01-03-2012 08:26 PM

Nucleus cms? Already vote for Drupal anyways :p

Kruptnick 01-04-2012 10:45 AM

I'm using Serendipity on a blog I keep under another nick.
I found it easier to use than other blog/CMS platforms I used before (Wordpress, Doctlear, Guppy)
Nanoblogger seems interesting, but I didn't try it.
I really don't know which one to vote for in this list as I didn't like the one listed or never used the others.

jeremy 01-04-2012 10:49 AM

Serendipity has been added.


tallship 01-04-2012 06:57 PM

A CMS and Blog software are different beasts - yes, some people try to make wordpress into a CMS, but it is not., while many people turn Joomla and Drupal sites into blogs, or at least have that as part of their CMS sites... Like I do.

CorePHP actually fits nicely into Joomla if you want a Wordpress blog in a CMS - a kind of nice compromise actually.

I voted for Drupal and I like Drupal, and have been looking a bit at Django, which has my interest piqued too at the moment.

I hope that helps :)

Kindest regards,


schneidz 01-08-2012 04:34 PM

should mediawiki/vbulletin be in this catagory ?

flatdog 01-09-2012 09:46 AM

Blosxom user here. I know, isn't on the list, but it should be.

jeremy 01-11-2012 12:29 PM

ProcessWire has been added.


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