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jeremy 01-12-2011 04:07 PM

Virtualization Product of the Year
What is your VM of choice?


Linux.tar.gz 01-13-2011 10:55 AM

KVM. I always wonder why some people uses anything else :^), especially commercial ones.

ubyt3m3 01-13-2011 09:49 PM

I'm using VirtualBox and quite satisfied with it. I gave up on VMWare when it became incompatible with Firefox.

PrinceCruise 01-14-2011 02:31 PM

VMware for the ease of use.
Virtual box coz' it's free. Still no match for VMware.

Pearlseattle 01-14-2011 02:58 PM

VirtualBox "base" is free, but not the rest.
Beware of Oracle products - you should be very very careful with them. History shows that they will drop support for something if not remunerative enough or that they will at least build strong dependencies if it is.
And please don't understand me wrong. All companies are like that of course, but Oracle is in my opinion above the average.
(and btw. I liked VBx a lot when I tried it, but dropped it in favour of kvm because of doubts about the future and missing USB passthrough support. More or less the same with Xen, where I don't know exactly Oracle's involvement but I know that Oracle has at least a very strong position)

esteeven 01-14-2011 03:03 PM

Virtualbox does it for me.

jens 01-15-2011 06:34 AM

The kvm or qemu choise is confusing (with kvm being the accelerator for qemu) ...

Should "qemu-kvm" users vote for qemu or kvm ?

ilvista 01-15-2011 07:23 AM

Virtualbox just rocks

brianL 01-15-2011 10:56 AM

I have been using VirtualBox, and it's OK. But I'm switching to qemu-kvm, because it's more versatile, can emulate more architectures.

darthaxul 01-15-2011 11:00 PM

vmware esploded on me,qemu denied me,virtual box ended up winning

scottn 01-16-2011 01:49 PM

VMWare Fusion on the Mac takes VMWare for Windows and knocks spots off it.

Awesome product.

tiredofbilkyyaforallican 01-16-2011 02:37 PM

I installed Virtualbox on my wife's laptop just to see if it helped but I'll refrain from using it on my own. Enough that I have a dualboot with LMDE and hackintosh on a laptop.

eveningsky339 01-16-2011 02:49 PM

I vote for KVM, since I am only interested in using Linux in a virtual environment.

afreitascs 01-16-2011 09:03 PM


ggarron 01-17-2011 05:29 AM

KVM or XEN may perform better than VirtualBox, but VB is just the best, because combining easy of use, performance, easy of installation, it is just the best.

Guillermo Garron

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