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jeremy 01-07-2010 03:46 PM

Text Editor of the Year
Always an interesting poll.


SethsdadtheLinuxer 01-08-2010 09:12 AM

vi/vim - I prefer plain vi, but vim is necessary on some dists to keep up with things like line numbers.

mudangel 01-08-2010 10:13 AM

vi(elvis) & medit

lupusarcanus 01-08-2010 11:39 AM

I've liked and used gedit for a while, with no complaints.

smeezekitty 01-08-2010 11:47 AM

vim for the win!

GrapefruiTgirl 01-08-2010 12:10 PM

Despite its appetite for memory, I'm stuck on Kwrite still as a full-featured desktop editor (for scripting at least) so that gets my vote.

I've plans to look into a smaller lighter editor for the desktop, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Outside of X, I use mcedit (M. Commander), and for non-script editing at the desktop, mousepad will do, but I still prefer Kwrite.

jimmy page 01-08-2010 12:16 PM

vim is always nice

MrCode 01-08-2010 01:09 PM

I currently use gedit for writing plain text stuff and editing C code, but for little shell scripts and whatnot, it's easier to pull up vim in the terminal I'm already using to test the scripts. :p I'm no master at it, though (I only know i/I, d(x)w/d, w, and q!).

DavidMcCann 01-08-2010 04:41 PM

What about Bluefish?

jeremy 01-08-2010 04:43 PM

Bluefish is in the IDE/Web Development Editor of the Year poll.


Mol_Bolom 01-08-2010 04:50 PM

Vim/vi/bvi/vifm/cgdb. Anything vi like I like.

MrCode 01-08-2010 05:23 PM


Vim/vi/bvi/vifm/cgdb. Anything vi like I like.
What about gvim, then? ;)

(not that I use it...just wondering)

diilbert 01-08-2010 07:07 PM

jEdit is the most versatile editor I have ever used (non-commercial). Although Mousepad is the best light weight editor.

damgar 01-08-2010 07:30 PM

Definitely a tie between joe and kwrite.

scmbg 01-08-2010 07:33 PM

vim, is always my choice, even on "ventanas".

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