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jeremy 01-07-2009 03:28 PM

File Manager of the Year
Back, by popular demand.


sahko 01-08-2009 06:28 AM

Midnight Commander whenever a file manager is needed. It was recently ressurected btw

DavidMcCann 01-08-2009 12:45 PM

What about Gnome Commander?

jeremy 01-08-2009 12:55 PM



H_TeXMeX_H 01-09-2009 01:44 PM

ROX-filer + other rox apps + fluxbox

sycamorex 01-09-2009 02:11 PM

Apart from Midnight Commander, I like PCMan due to its speed.

Mark7 01-09-2009 02:36 PM

Gotta be Rox. So much more than just a mere file manager, yet it doesn't try to be all things to all men.

Hitboxx 01-09-2009 03:52 PM


mjjzf 01-10-2009 03:47 AM

Definitely the excellent Thunar.

jay73 01-11-2009 05:37 AM

Nautilus. Great to have tabs at last and it still has better looks and/or functionality over the alternatives.

allend 01-11-2009 08:21 AM

I am really enjoying using Dolphin of late, but Thunar is my choice on the laptop.

eerok 01-11-2009 08:43 AM

Thunar for me, works great in openbox.

richs-lxh 01-11-2009 08:42 PM

Thunar (on Xfce) and Xfm (on Fluxbox)

Saptech 01-11-2009 11:58 PM

I used to like Nautilas but now I'm for something small and lightweight, I went for Pcmanfm...

SgDreamer 01-12-2009 02:58 AM

I go with midnight commander when I really want it light and fast.
Kinda reminds me of my DOS days :)

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