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jeremy 12-30-2004 08:21 PM

Messaging App of the Year
A new award this year.

scuzzman 12-30-2004 10:18 PM

You forgot aMSN

reddazz 12-31-2004 01:22 AM

how about xchat and konversation?

masand 12-31-2004 02:08 AM

hey what about gyach??

zippo85 12-31-2004 02:08 AM

and bsflite:

darkleaf 12-31-2004 08:32 AM

Gaim. Easy, looks good, works good :)

mjjzf 12-31-2004 08:46 AM

Is there a Jabber application as such? I thought it was a protocol.

sh1ft 12-31-2004 12:19 PM

aMSN you insensitive clod!

speel 12-31-2004 12:36 PM

gaim all the way

dubkat 12-31-2004 01:23 PM

since you included xchat, which is an IRC client, where are the rest?
I suppose you chose to leave IRSSI off the list since it would blow the rest out of the water :)

OmegaBlac 12-31-2004 01:26 PM

Well I don't use IM as much as I used to but I will go with Gaim, as it does what I needed it to do.

HappyDude 12-31-2004 03:42 PM

XChat and Gaim in the same catagory? Oh dear, what to choose, what to choose.

linux-rulz 12-31-2004 07:01 PM


Gaim's support for the MSN protocol is nothing compared to AMSN's. An example:

I added 10 people to my buddy list from my old work after I quit, so after 3 weeks of them not talking to me while I used Gaim, I decided to open my account in AMSN to see what was going on. As soon as AMSN opened, 10 windows popped up with people waiting for my permission to talk to me. The Gaim team needs to work on this a bit more.

bpt 12-31-2004 08:39 PM

There is an IRC client in this list, so where are Irssi, ERC (Emacs IRC Client), BitchX?

Also, Bitlbee is awesome... "IRC to other chat networks gateway", lets you use your IRC client for interacting with any chat networks supported by Gaim. (Uses Gaim code for the protocol support, but is an entirely separate program)

JSpired 12-31-2004 08:43 PM

Gaim is the one I picked.

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