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boreo 11-21-2003 12:06 AM

Americasarmy is a free GAME where is it................

Slayer 11-22-2003 03:26 PM

Free doesn't mean open source. It's in the commercial games vote.

e1000 11-23-2003 09:58 PM


just installed the NVIDIA drivers this weekend, to put them to the test I installed bzflag, all I can say is that this game rivals Quake 1 in coolness!! (thats a compliment coming from me) plus its got better multiplayer functionality

qwijibow 11-23-2003 10:05 PM

if you like quake1 (the origonal) try quakeforge !!!!!
its quake, re-written, but still compatable with the old quake, and uses the same texture files but takes advantages of kikass openGl lighting, smoke and other kewl effects, plus, monster models have been smother out, the look better, walk better, die better... GREAT.

does quakeforge count as open source ? the origonal was commercial, but the re-vamp was made from the released source code... ?

Baldorg 11-24-2003 04:36 PM

Where can I get this wonderful quakeforge :P?


Nevermind, I found it. And I am compiling it right now.

Second Edit:

It seems to be installed but I can't run it. There IRC chatroom is out of service and they have no forums.

qwijibow 11-24-2003 10:24 PM

why isnt it working ? whats the error message ?

cant load gfx.wad ???
if thats it, you havnt coppied the id1 folder from your origonal quake1 windows install cd into the quake install directory.

slightcrazed 11-25-2003 10:01 AM

How about Neverball or NeverPutt?....


davecs 11-28-2003 05:45 PM

What about emilia-pinball?

WindowsBurner 12-01-2003 07:55 AM

I would like to vote but... I want to vote for Doom Legacy... the best open source game engine I have played for the past two years.

If I cant have doom legacy then I would probably vote for : GnuChess( only one of the choices I have played)

bulliver 12-03-2003 10:31 PM

I voted for freeciv, which I have wasted many an hour noodling with...butt I would have voted for foobillard if it were an option.

Foobillard is fantastic.

kingka 12-05-2003 01:34 AM


why didn't anybody tell me about this game before?

RaiReg 12-05-2003 04:13 AM

ehm .... doesn't anyone play chromium at all ??

conceptx 12-07-2003 04:08 AM

I guess I will try wat is voted for most my self I am not such a gamer yet on linux

zeppelin 12-07-2003 01:43 PM

freeciv and fb are great!
anyone plays soccar?
it is a funny idea.. : P

Velvet Elvis 12-07-2003 05:16 PM

Excuse me, but this poll seems to be lacking the best OS game of all time, nethack.
There really needs to be some representitive from the rougelike family on this poll.

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