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zmieff 06-18-2004 10:58 AM

which one ( Free-, Open-, Net-)
maybe this question as been asked often, but i ask it once again:

Which one would you suggest for a newbie with *BSD ( but familiar with GNU/Linux)?

Mikessu 06-18-2004 11:25 AM

I recommened that you read this:

It doesn't tell you what BSD is best for you but maybe it helps you understand something about them and helping you choosing the right one for you.

zmieff 06-18-2004 02:46 PM


this is very interesting!!

chort 06-18-2004 05:03 PM

They're all equally well documented, so I don't think there's really any difference for a newbie. Basicly you just pick the one that best suits your needs and you stick with it (see the sticky post at the top of this forum to tell which one best fits your needs).

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