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ssrini 07-23-2005 06:37 AM

User admin and N/w admin on Gnome hangs

I have a kind of strange problem. I use FBSD 5.4 and Gnome desktop. When I make changes via Desktop->Administration->Networking or Desktop->Administration->Users and Groups, Iam able to make whatever changes that I need to make. When I sugsequently save them, it just hangs and does not come out at all.

When I forcibly close and reopen, the settings are not saved. Its quite annoying me now. Any body knows what to do ?

All help is appreciated


scuzzo84 07-27-2005 11:26 AM

not sure, maybe try portupgrading?

reddazz 07-28-2005 07:55 AM

I had numerous problems with the default gnome that shipped with FreeBSd 5.4, but port upgrading solved most of them.

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