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swoppe 11-11-2003 06:51 PM

stange pf problem
I have a problem with pf, the computers behind the fire wall cant resolve adresses.

the pf.conf file:

nat on $ext inet from ($int)/24 to any -> ($ext)

pass in all
pass out all

However if i try to lynx on the fw it works...

Anyone got any ideas?


swoppe 11-11-2003 06:58 PM

now to make matters even worse, i refreshed an old mozilla window (was opened befor i unpluged the old hw router) and to my surprise it worked, BUT when i wrote it dident work....

swoppe 11-12-2003 10:45 AM

I managed to fix it =)

apparently i have to start te named, and feed it the dns servers of my isp

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