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sharathg786 07-16-2007 01:17 PM

pre-installing tasks on free BSD: partitoning
Hi, i'm new to free BSD, I'm having a 40 GB HDD, with triple boot, windows XP on my primary partition and Slackware & ubuntu on one of the logical partitons.
Now, I want to replace ubuntu with BSD.

Is it possible to install Free BSD (release 6.2) on one of my logical partiton? since the fdisk is not showing partiton where linux is installed, im also really confused because it shows the size in starting and ending blocks.... any simpler way to go about partitoning?

I have 10GB as my primary partiton(windows) & remaining 30 gigs on extended partiton.

taylor_venable 07-16-2007 05:27 PM

FreeBSD is not as widely used as Linux; you will have to search more effectively for information even as widely known and discussed as this:

sharathg786 07-17-2007 05:57 AM

Thanx, i created a new primary partiton using partition magic and now BSD is up & running.

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