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jeremy 04-18-2002 08:46 PM

New BSD Forum added
Due to the increase in BSD related questions I have added a BSD forum. All the BSD's are fair game - FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, etc.

Both of the following URL's will will get you to the BSD forum:


neo77777 04-18-2002 11:01 PM

Cool :D I am planning to add a BSD system soon, just need a little more cash as usual, summer is comming car needs tuning etc. But your idea is great. :)

trickykid 04-19-2002 02:24 AM

I myself am about to install FreeBSD to mess with, get somewhat familiar with so I can try to help out when necessary. :D
Hopefully this forum comes in handy for all of those who are using or trying out BSD and have questions about it.

gui10 04-19-2002 02:28 AM

wow! it's time i got my hands on openbsd... i need more machines!

Blackknight 04-19-2002 02:38 AM

Switched to FreeBSD
I personnaly switched from Slackware to FreeBSD two years ago and I'm very happy of it. Hope I can help you if you have problems installing it.
One thing I can say is that's not difficult for anyone who used different Unices or Linuces (more precisely Slackware is not that different from BSD)

farrokhi 04-19-2002 02:47 PM

It's because Slackware is more close to BSD family comparing to other linux distribution. (Thats why I like Slackware)

sancho5 04-19-2002 03:06 PM

This is awesome. I hope we're not going to see a lot of the religious debate antics like "Linux Sux and BSD Rulez" that pop up places.

I've been into OpenBSD for a while now and could lend my humble offerings to the mix if anyone wants. Things to remember with OBSD:

- If you haven't read the man page, you haven't tried to solve the problem yet. OpenBSD puts a lot of focus on making sure the man page is there, that it is correct, and that it is thorough. 80% of the questions that come up will be in the manpages. For the other % you can't get out of there, RTFM at or look at the mailing list archives at

- BSD isn't Linux. It doesn't use SYSV, so you won't find an easy script to manage services in /etc/rc.d/init.d/ . You won't find an RPM, instead you'll use a package or maybe build from a port. You won't find LKMs.

- Security is the main focus, not a by-product.

- Development is constant and ongoing. There is a new release every 6 months. In the meantime, there is constant change going on in the -current tree, so if something needs to be fixed, it will be fixed soon. If you have a problem, try updating, you might be surprised.

Anyways, lets have fun with this! Peace.

Darren Spruell

rog 05-01-2002 10:37 PM

This is great! Im happy to see this forum here, now I will have to pop in more often!

blackmask 05-02-2002 06:20 AM

Great job jeremy.thanx a lot.

Stephanie_new 05-24-2002 02:17 AM

This is good addition, and I think it will add alot to the the forum as a whole.

Thanks Jeremy!

gui10 05-24-2002 03:58 AM

shadowhacker? is that you?

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