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Lerocknock 10-09-2007 04:30 AM

need help updating
I have trying to install freebsd for days now. I learned how to use cvsup and portupgrade. So Ive done so far is cvsup all-ports and src-all and than I did portupgrade -arP and at the end it says I get like 400 ignored 200 skipped and like 9 failed and than because I did that update I rebooted and than I cant get into startx anymore it said cant find fonts path or something and than it says somethingelse Xauth: creathing new authority file /root/.severauth.23492 /usr/x11R6/bin/xauth:(arg):1: bad display name ":0" in "list" command bad display name (stdin) "add" (error 2) and some other similar errors I also read the UPDATING on /usr/ports and did what it says like portupgrade -Rf libXft for xorg upgradeand I have latest nvidia driver. Im just really confuse can some please clear my confusion. I just want to get my updates and get startx working thats all thanks alot.

Lerocknock 10-09-2007 03:43 PM

Ok I now know that its xorg I have to get installed properly which I cant and I followed everything in the /usr/ports/UPDATING and when I do portupgrade arP for exaple I get a whole bunch of ignored kipped and failed ports I dont know how to fix this. Are there other ports I have to install first or something? I not to familiar with freebsd so if someone can please tell what steps I need to take that would be great. Again thanks alot.

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