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Mr_Shameless 05-25-2007 05:52 AM

(looks like) memory leak after reinstalling everything in Port Tree.
Im using FreeBSD 6.2 on my computer as a desktop.

A few days ago, I deinstalled a package under the port tree, turned off the monitor and went outside. It was not until i came back did i realize i was standing at /usr/ports/ when deinstalling, oops :D.

Then i reinstalled my packages one by one, starting with Xorg. This time, i decided that i wouldnt use a Display Manager anymore, and used startx instead. I installed IceWM and ROX, and put these lines into my ~/.xinitrc file:


exec /usr/local/bin/rox -p=MyPinboard &
exec /usr/local/bin/icewm

After rebooting and starting up, from the output of the top command, i have 134MBs of free RAM. This is weird. Before the "disaster", when starting up with GDM, then icewm-session (which included icewm itself, icembg, icemtray and some other things) and ROX, i still had 154MBs of free memory.

One more thing: Right after reinstalling Xorg, when i started up FreeBSD but not startx yet, i had 221MBs free. Now (i dont know after what package is installed) when i start FreeBSD without X, i have only 211MBs free.

Could there be any leak? Reinstalling packages can't duplicate anything right?

From the output of the top command, i see many similar command running, like 7 getty's, 2 sendmail's, 2 sh's, and 2 dhclient's.

O, about the sendmail thing, it's already disabled in /etc/defaults/rc.conf (and not enabled in /etc/rc.conf), how could it still appear here?

Thank you :)

Mr_Shameless 05-25-2007 05:57 AM


1. When reinstalling, i use the command "make install clean", not "make reinstall clean". Could that be what cause the problem?

2. My previous packages were compile with -O, and the new ones now are compiled with -O2 -pipe. But that can't be the reason by any mean, right?

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