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man26 08-03-2004 11:57 PM

Linux Emulation problem "ELF file OS ABI invalid Error"
Hello Sir,

I am really searching hard for solution on " ELF file OS ABI invalid" error.

I am running Simple Jni example (to test jni. I am getting same error in my project)
on FreeBSD 4.10 but I am getting following error

while executing my java Program


%java Sample1

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:
/usr/home/smgusr/mangesh/ /usr/home/smgusr/mangesh/
ELF file OS ABI invalid
at java.lang.ClassLoader$NativeLibrary.load(Native Method)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary0(
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadLibrary(
at java.lang.Runtime.load0(
at java.lang.System.load(
at Sample1.main(

if I use ldd command it refer like this


%ldd /usr/home/smgusr/mangesh/
/usr/home/smgusr/mangesh/ => /usr/lib/ (0x2806a000)
I have made following way:


gcc -o2 -fPIC -g -I/usr/local/linux-sun-jdk1.4.2/include
-I/usr/local/linux-sun-jdk1.4.2/include/linux -c Sample1.c -o Sample1.o
for linking and making shared library


gcc -o2 -shared -fPIC -pthread -Wl -I/usr/local/linux-sun-jdk1.4.2/include
-I/usr/local/linux-sun-jdk1.4.2/include/linux -soname,
-o Sample1.o -L/usr/compat/linux/lib -L/usr/lib
-L/usr/home/smgusr/mangesh -lc

Even though I try to load standard shared library from /usr/lib the error persist

what is going wrong is it Linux emulator problem??????????? or my shared lirary problem????

We have installed linux_base to set linux environment

set linux_base="yes" (/etc/rc.conf)
set kern.fallback_brand=3 (/etc/sysctl.conf)

Running kldstat is giving following result

Id Refs Address Size Name
1 4 0xc0100000 44fbf8 kernel
2 1 0xc33e3000 7000 linprocfs.ko
3 1 0xc3455000 15000 linux.ko
4 1 0xc3646000 3000 snp.ko

Running following command to check linux binary compatibility layer is loaded:

%kldstat -v | grep linuxelf
219 linuxelf

I am getting above output (that means layer is loaded )

Running following command to check layer is compiled into the kernel or
loaded as a module:

% kldstat | grep linux.ko

3 1 0xc3455000 15000 linux.ko

I am getting the above output
(ref link:

Does it means it needs some more settings???????like setting options compat_linux in kernel config)

is There any issue related to configuring files on FreeBSD???

linprocfs is mounted and showing entry in the (/etc/fstab) and kldstat command

How can I check the linprocfs is working properly??

I used the brandelf -t Linux but same error

Is it referring to java executables cause they are (SYSV) type??
any other file to chnage the binaries??

I am awaiting yours valuable suggestions.

configuration is :


I am using following packages
java.vm.version: "1.4.2_04-b05"
linux-sun-jdk- Sun Java Development Kit 1.4 for Linux
linux_base-8-8.0_4 Base set of packages needed in Linux mode (only for i386)
linux_devtools-8.0_1 Packages needed for doing development in Linux mode
libtool-1.3.5_1 Generic shared library support script
gmake-3.80_1 GNU version of 'make' utility
automake-1.4.5_9 GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (legacy version
GCC 2.95.4
gdb 4.18
ld 2.12.1 supported emulation elf_i386


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