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joseph tsai 12-13-2012 08:38 AM

FreeBSD Canon printer Driver for LIPS LIPSLX UFR2 CAPT
Several months ago I brought a second hand printer "Canon lbp5900." It works ok but I cannot find driver for freebsd with color. I only found a black and white one. I found rpm and source code for linux from the official web site and I tried to compile it. But when I saw the error message I was no idea and did not know how to deal it. Until recently after several weeks google and yahoo's search fortunately I make my print work on freebsd. I am not a programer and not familiar with gcc automak autocong libtool etc so it is maybe not very reasonable or not good about the modification but it is worked on my box. If someone who owns canon printer and cannot find driver can try it also. If someone
who has the knowledge of gcc and willing to do some modification on this project to make it better is welcome.

How to install it:

First step download the linux rpm and source from

Step two download my modification (diff_canon-z2-1210.tar.7z) from (md5:0CFBAA2912C009E1DEF0642DEC403416)

Step three copy the modification to the source and overwrite it

Step four follow the README in source code to compile and install
before the step four you should have v4l-compat installed on your mechine it is necessary for module cnusb (a backend for cups) needed.
you also have to check are there any other package you should have according to
the README of the source code

when ready
cd /PATH_TO/cndrvcups-common-2.50
make gen
make install

cd /PATH_TO/cndrvcups-lb-2.50
make install

according the package dependency you should also have linux-f10-libxml2 installed for run

If you use kde3 or you install kde3-base port you can find the new driver you can choose from the start>>setting>>printers adding printer or change driver menu.
In kde4 setting menu cannot automatically adding the new driver data base for you
to choose. I do not know why if some knows please tell me. although it is it is
also can print normally but you should find the ppd's directory and choose it

According readme of cnusb in source, the cnusb seems like the port "cups-bjnp." Maybe it is the same function.

Are there anyone can tell me how do we do can make libtool to produce library as each time it always produce and omit the
tail ".0.0" why? do we need another parameter?

this modification is no no guarantee or warranty
but I hope can help some people thanks!
forgive me of my poor English but I hope this object
is helpful.

joseph tsai 04-10-2013 10:38 PM

update link
The download link in my last post was deleted by the resources provider and the official driver is upgrade to 2.60. so I should renew the download link and hope helpful!

for diff_canon-z2-1210.tar.7z

for driver version 2.50


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