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taylor_venable 07-12-2005 04:45 PM

(FreeBSD && Fedora Core 4 && Slackware 10.0) Filesystem Support
Hullo. I've recently decided to give FreeBSD a try, and I'm looking for a way to store all of my data in one partition equally accessible from FreeBSD and my other two OSes: Slackware 10.0 and Fedora Core 4. Now, I know it's possible, for example, to have Ext3 support in FreeBSD, and that it's possible to have UFS support in Linux, but the rub is that the only kernel I've ever compiled is the Slackware one. So it would be easier if I could just choose a filesystem with support in the default kernel for each of those OSes. So my question, in short, is this:

Are there any filesystems with support built in to each of the default kernels in FreeBSD, Fedora Core 4, and Slackware 10.0?

Thanks to everyone in advance!

[If I could hazard a guess at this, I think ReiserFS might be one; but again, I don't know any for sure.]

[edit: I should add, when I say FreeBSD, I mean FreeBSD 5.4.]

sigsegv 07-14-2005 02:24 PM

fat or vfat are the only ones that all three are going to have out of the box that will actually work. FreeBSD isn't terribly good at ext[23] and Linux isn't especially good at [FU]FS.

You can make ext2 work. You have to use tune2fs to set it up like the defaults of about 6 years ago though.

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