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embalmedlenin 09-14-2003 09:51 AM

Script thats add users automatically
I was sorta intrested in running a bbs or something of the like just to mess around with so i have been look at the internet at other sites and how they do it. One thing i find all the time but cant seem to figure out how to do is how would you make your machine create an account if someone were to fill out a form online with the need information. In other words how would you take the data entered on the website and create a login on your machine.

Any suggestions would be much apriaciated this has really been bugging me.
David Shirley

whistles 09-14-2003 04:34 PM

Forgive me if this answer is wrong ,as i have never setup/run a bbs . But i would think that the bbs software's docs would cover the aspect that you are wondering about. I really doubt that it is something that has been left out of the software/softwares documentation. As making an account is pretty much standard for bbs's. If i have misunderstood and you intend to give access to the "rest of your hardrive" that is probably a very, very bad thing to automate or even allow unless you trust the person ALOT.

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