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st00 06-25-2004 03:52 AM

Read/Write access ext3 partition
Please help. I have just installed FreeBSD on the secondary drive in my machine to try out. The install was fairly painless and so far I'm quite impressed with it.
My problem is that I have Fedora installed on the primary drive and would like to be able to access it. I managed to get read only access last night but I've seen posts that suggest people have been able to get read & write access to ext3 partitions. How can I do it? To get read only I used,

mount -t ext2fs -r /dev/ad0s3 /mnt/linux

without the -r I get invalid argument errors.

Also can I just add the appropriate line to /etc/fstab so that it is mounted on boot?

Many thanks

cnjohnson 06-25-2004 07:51 PM

What happens when you do a

mount_std /dev/ad0s3 /mnt/linux

If you get an error message what is it?


st00 06-26-2004 05:45 AM

After using su to get to root I got the following message when trying mount_std ...

mount_std /dev/ad0s3 /mnt/linux
mount_std: argv[0] must end in _fsname

Does that help us?

cnjohnson 06-27-2004 10:09 PM

Yes, it does help. You will be able to mount the ext3 partition as read only, and not with read/write.


st00 06-28-2004 02:33 AM

Thanks for your help.

Isn't there anything I can do to get read/write access to the ext3 drive then? I thought this was possible in FreeBSD 4.10?

cnjohnson 06-28-2004 08:46 PM

AFAIK, ext3 is still read-only. My google search did not turn up anything hopeful.


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