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gypsy_rabbi 02-11-2005 08:36 PM

OS X: change default application
OS X uses "Preview" by default to open PDF files. I want to change this to Adobe Reader. A couple of sites said I should select a pdf file, click on File -> Get Info -> Open With and select "Change all". I tried this with three different pdf files, but "Change all" is always grayed out.

How do I make Adobe Reader my default pdf handler?


jtshaw 02-11-2005 09:00 PM

What version of MacOS are you using? With Panther (10.3.8) if I right click on a PDF, go to Open With -> Other there is a checkbox for "Always Open With". Checking this changes the preferences for all PDF's. This procedure works for me with everything but HTML files. I had to go into Safari's preferences and change the default web browser to firefox to make all web links from all programs load in firefox.

EDIT: I also had to change the default Mail reader in the mail preferences to use Thunderbird.

gypsy_rabbi 02-20-2005 01:58 PM

I tried that, but it just changes the default application for that single file, not for all files of that type.

Not sure how to find the OS version. Mac Help says Panther v10.3 but doesn't get any more specific. uname -srv gives me the following, if it's any use:
Darwin 7.5.0 Darwin Kernel Version 7.5.0: Thu Aug 12 16:01:32 PDT 2004; root:xnu/xnu-517.7.21.obj~4/RELEASE_PPC


jtshaw 02-20-2005 02:12 PM

The second number of the kernel version corresponds to the third number of the OS version.

For example, I'm running 10.3.8 and my uname -a says: "Darwin Quagmire-OSX 7.8.0 Darwin Kernel Version 7.8.0: Wed Dec 22 14:26:17 PST 2004; root:xnu/xnu-517.11.1.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC Power Macintosh powerpc"

It also says the full OS version if I go to the Apple Menu and select "About this Mac". I'm not sure if this is something they changed, but you might want to run software update and update to 10.3.8 (as well as install the security patches your likely missing if your running 10.3.5).

gypsy_rabbi 02-20-2005 05:07 PM

Thanks. The trouble is that I'm not the admin on this machine.

So I'm really just looking for a way to tell it: "No, I don't want to open PDF files with 'Preview', whatever that is. I ALWAYS want to open PDF files with Adobe Reader." I don't know how to do this on OS X. I've tried it a couple different ways and I've only managed to change it for individual files, which is not good enough.

carboncopy 02-22-2005 10:01 PM

1. Right Click/command click a pdf file.
2. Choose Get Info
3. Open with: Choose prefered app
4. Click Change All....

Sometimes it doesn't change all. Mac Os X seems to be treating different batches of pdf file differently. But it doesn't matter. Does which wasn't change the first time, just repreat the same process. After a few time, you will get all changed.

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