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lazlow69 06-24-2004 10:35 PM

OpenBSD 3.5 - installing base packages after install?
I must be missing something here... I had a great time installing OpenBSD 3.5 from a floppy boot and a CD with all the base35.tgz, etc35.tgz etc etc... I added in xbase35.tgz so I could get a small windowing system, and realized on a reboot that I probably needed xshare35, xserv35 and xfont35 tgz's as well. I mounted my cdrom at /mnt/cdrom and tried 'pkg_add -v /mnt/cdrom/xshare35.tgz' but it says "adding xshare35" and on the next line "Can't find xshare35". I tried this from the CD, I copied the files to the local disk, and that didn't work... I'm not sure what's going on here! I know the files are there, but it isn't working.

Is there a command I need to run to get me into a setup mode where it can fecth the tgz's for me? How can I get this xwindows system up and running?

Thanks for any help

chort 06-25-2004 01:26 AM

Ahh, this is a misunderstanding with the difference between "sets" and "packages". The "sets" are what you install during the initial intallation or an upgrade. They are simply tar'd and compressed directory structures. You can untar them to the correct location to install (make sure you list the contents of the .tgz first so you know where to extract it).

"Packages" are a set of files and commands that are copied and run when you install new software. Packages differ in that they enter themselves in a database so you can track them, and that they may do special things (like move other files around, change configurations, etc) when you install them. You cannot just untar a package because the configuration won't take place and it won't register in the database.

You can copy the necessary set from the correct place off the CD to a local directory, then untar it to the proper place. Besides xbase, I think they only thing you need is xserv. I do not believe you're required to install xshare or xfont (although they may be useful). Double check the installation documentation on the website to be sure.

stickman 06-25-2004 05:08 PM

Any forgotten file sets can be installed later with:
cd /
tar zxpf /path/to/file/set.tgz

The key is the 'p' option to preserve the file permissions and ownership.

lazlow69 06-26-2004 12:00 AM

Very consise bit of info there, thanks kindly! I've got the tgz's, so I'll do that shortly.

Thanks again.

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