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jfranks214 12-15-2004 10:04 PM

Mapping the mouse wheel button (NOT Z-axis)
Hi folks.

Here's what I'd like to do if I can...

I've always used the mouse wheel button (ie: pressing the wheel as a button, not rolling it) as "BACK"

I've really become used to it during internet browsing, and so far I don't know how to do it under FreeBSD. Now, I know that it is used to paste in xterm, but it performs some other function in Mozilla, and I'm not exactly sure what it does do. It will occasionally bring me to some other web page, and occasionally bring about an error that is something like "The URL is not valid and can't be loaded"

Any thought's / solutions will be appreciated. I'd at least like to decipher what it IS doing... perhaps I could then at least use it to some advantage.......


Sorry, I'm running 5.3 release / Xorg / gnome 2.8 / Mozilla 1.7.3


jfranks214 12-19-2004 09:50 PM

Okay, No replies.

I can live with that. I wonder, though, does this mean that this is a profoundly stupid question, or that it cannot be done?

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