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pbadillo555 09-19-2021 04:52 AM

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Originally Posted by enigma9o7 (Post 6285328)
For the record, you should still be able to enable acceleration on that driver; I have it enabled on my ghostbsd VM. But I dunno if its actually working or not; it does work on xp but only with old version of virtualbox (not 6.1; i think only 5.x?) so back when I was testing games on windows I used another version of virtualbox for that.... but anyways unless yer playing games in VM tho 3D doesnt really matter much.

You are right. If 3D is enabled, I can change the display adapter to VBoxSVGA. I went about it the wrong way by clicking the display link.

I was able to change to VBoxSVGA with 3D enabled by clicking on the VMSVGA link and a drop down box appeared to select the other adapter types. Selected VBoxSVGA and pressed press OK. And the settings stayed. I included a screen shot.

With VBoxSVGA and 3D enabled, I booted freebsd and launched startx and xfce4 loaded. COOL!!!

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