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00x 06-18-2020 07:02 AM

formatting an external hdd for both BSD and Linux
Is there a way to format an external HDD (usb) on NetBSD so that it can also be read by Linux?

here is a snippet from NetBSD `man newfs'

    -O filesystem-format
                Select the filesystem-format.
                      0    4.3BSD; This option is primarily used to build
                            root file systems that can be understood by older
                            boot ROMs.  This generates an FFSv1 file system
                            with level 1 format.
                      1    FFSv1; normal Fast File System, level 4 format.
                            Also known as `FFS', `UFS', or `UFS1'.  This is
                            the default.
                      2    FFSv2; enhanced Fast File System, suited for more
                            than 1 Terabyte capacity.  This is also known as

I have tried:

$ newfs -O0 /dev/sd0'

$ newfs -O1 /dev/sd0'

$ newfs -O2 /dev/sd0'
Each format lets my other BSD computers read/write to it but when I plug it into Ubuntu, it is detected and shows that its there, but the contents inside are not shown and I cannot write to it.

Is there a way to format this HDD so it can be read by both BSD and Linux without making it MSDOS/NTFS? I don't want to have to download/install special mounting programs every time I want to use it on a BSD/Linux computer.

Sorry. found the solution.

$ newfs -O0 /dev/sd0
did work.

fatmac 06-18-2020 07:08 AM

Check to see if you have read/write to an ext2 file system.

(I use OpenBSD & ext2 or DOS are the only others supported).

Just checked online....

teckk 06-18-2020 10:25 AM

full exfat, fat, ntfs, ext2, udf, zfs
partial ufs, ext3, ext4, hpfs

I don't see anything wrong with an external ntfs drive. Then everything can read/write to it, even microsoft of course. By it's very nature you may want to plug it in anywhere, at some point in the future.

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