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Livino 10-29-2005 10:20 AM

Suse 10.0: X setting won't "stick"; mouse & keyboard not properly detected
Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded from Suse 9.3 to 10.0 (with a clean re-install no less) and there have been some "issues" that weren't present in 9.3:

1. No matter what I do or what walk-through I follow (and I've followed quite a few, including several posted here), X doesn't seem to remember whatever I set it up to. After battling with ATI device drivers in 9.3 I'd finally managed to get 3D accel working. I'm following the same procedures in 10.0 (the guides were written for it and not for 9.3) and X accepts the set-up, only to revert to old settings when I re-start KDE (init 5...).

Another thing, I'm always telling X configuration to use my mouse wheel, and this config also doesn't "stick" after I go back to the graphgical desktop in runlevel 5.

2. I suppose this is related to the 1st problem, but only partly. Suse 9.3 detected my keyboard and mouse perfectly and even called them by their names (I have a Microsoft Wireless Desktop 1000, so it's a Wireless Multimedia Keyboard + Standard Wireless Optical Mouse). In 10.0, not only do several of the keyboard keys (not the multimedia keys, but things like the right arrow, etc.) refuse to work, but also the mouse scroll wheel is dead and the whole "Microsoft" list has disappeared from YaST, X configs & all that. So I can't even manually choose my keyb&mouse.

In 9.3 whenever I disconnected the receiver for some reason, when I plugged it back the Wireless Desktop was detected correctly. NOw in 10.0 that just doesn't happen.

So, in view of all this, these are my questions:

1. What can I do to make settings "stick"? (please don't tell me I have to patch the kernel and recompile stuff, you might as well tell me that in ancient Mayan or classical Viking and my understanding would be the same) Is there a solution to the ATI drama after all? (since NO guide posted here has helped me so far)

2. Is there anything I can do to make 10.0 detect my wireless desktop correctly? Cos if that's not happening I think I'll go back to 9.3 (where I had even managed to get the multimedia keys to work).

10.0 has been a pain so far. Never mind the nice blue splash screens.

Thanks in advance for your help & insights!

Thoreau 10-30-2005 03:51 AM

The solution for ATI is to not use 3D acceleration until they stop making drivers that suck complete and total asshole. If you want 3D acceleration, and don't want to kill yourself, buy any nvidia card -Ti4200 and above- with your Friday night beer money.

The keyboard and mouse are linked to X( which isn't working. It isn't holding the settings because X is freaking out from bad/partial/no drivers. Don't worry about your keyboard and mouse until you get your video working proper. It'll smooth out.

ATI released new drivers recently. Download and install them.

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