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Tekime 07-30-2002 12:11 PM

I'm a slacker in need
At last, I am a slacker :D

A little history, to shed some light on why I changed:

After using Red Hat on my gateway boxen for about a year, I started to have some serious issues with it crashing on me. I had a hard time believing it was an OS fault, and instead convinced myself it was the hard drive. However, after a few days of kernel panic pandemonium, and the final crash and burn, I replace the HDD witha known good one and... nothing. SO, my old box is dead. Not surprisingly though, being a P133 from 1996 that has been running virtually non-stop for those 6 years.

So, I stole my girlfriend's 233MHz P55C and gave her my secondary gaming rig (also a P55C, but 208MB RAM and a Rage128 card *sigh*).

I was planning on installing RH 7.3, but I have to tell you, now that I have learned more about Linux, I'm pretty sick of RPM's, all the bloatware RH likes to install, and that damn red hat.

Anyway, to my question (I swear I have one here somewhere). Everything went surprisingly smoothly installing Slackware, took about 1/3 of the time as Red Hat and everything was MOSTLY okay when finished.

This computer will be used as a gateway for my LAN (I'm on Verizon ADSL, so I'm using rp-pppoe), a firewall, web server and FTP server.

Slackware did not detect my second network card, though with a little research I found that my Netgear FA311 uses the natsemi driver, so I ran 'modprobe natsemi' and it picked up the second NIC.

Now in order to get my adsl connection and IP MASQ started after booting, I have to run the following commands (in this order):
$ modprobe natsemi
$ ifconfig eth0 down
$ ifconfig eth1 up
$ adsl-start
$ ifconfig eth0 up
$ ./rc.firewall

Firstly, will I need to recompile my kernel with the natsemi driver, or will it be simpler than that?

Secondly, how can I avoid just putting these commands into my rc.local file? I would like my firewall started up right after networking services are initialized, then both ethernet interfaces and then my adsl-connect.

*whew* Sorry for the mad novel, I'm just excited to get away from RH (albeit one dead Pentium :( ). Any help would be, um... helpful... I'm still a quasi-newbie but I think Slackware wil be a much better environment to really learn GNU/Linux.

Thanks in advance.

trickykid 07-30-2002 01:19 PM


Firstly, will I need to recompile my kernel with the natsemi driver, or will it be simpler than that?
Not necessarily, you could probably add the line:

/sbin/modprobe natsemi

To your /etc/rc.d/rc.netdevice file.

And you could also edit the startup scripts for your networking in the same directory, but editing the rc.inet1 and rc.inet2 to start any other services you want like your firewall.. etc.

Tekime 07-30-2002 01:33 PM

Thank you for the reply trickykid, I'll try your suggestions out tonight. If all goes well then I should be ready to get portsentry installed....

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