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bigonroad 02-20-2010 01:32 PM

Sharing files across network using BackupPC on Ubuntu 9.10
I now have BackupPC up and running on ubuntu 9.10. Thanks for your help guys!

I have a couple more issues. These relate to the fact that I am trying to use backuppc to backup files, but also to provide a central up to date store of network accessible files, so, for example, media files can be viewed over the network, rather than downloaded through the web interface.

Thus I have the following problems:

1. Access the files through the network
I want to have /var/lib/backuppc as a browsable folder through the network. I have managed to change permissions on the folders so they are browseable, but i need to set the file permissions so i can open the files. How do I do this, and set it so that all future backup files are given accessible permissions?

2. A single store of files
I want one folder with all the incremental backups being copied into it, so to see the most up to date version of a file, I just browse to it in nautilus, or through shared folders from another pc on the network.

At the moment, I have a 0 and a 1 folder, and I am sure I will end up with loads more. I just want a single folder, no matter how many times the backup is made.

3. Change the Naming Convention
Also is there a way to change the naming convention so the folders are given the normal names (so Documents rather than fDocuments)?

Awesome, really appreciate the help guys!

carltm 02-21-2010 08:18 AM

Hi Chris. Backuppc is definitely the right tool to keep a backup of your
important files, but it's not the right tool to present a set of files
to users. Your three points are good examples of why I say this.

My suggestion would be find the source of the files you want to make
available (they're probably on a single directory on a server) and
use rsync on a cronjob to keep updated versions of your "live" directory
on another directory as described in your second point. You can then
present this "store" directory to users through CIFS, NFS, WEBDAV or
some other protocol.

abhandari 02-22-2010 01:44 AM

Hi Chris,Carltm is right, BackupPC is a web based centralized File Backup server, so you can use it for secure and sheduled data backup from other computers which i have been using since 2 yrs in a ISP.

Due to some file ownership and File Access Permission of stored data "Access the files through the network" is not the good way.
This may break your security on those stored data if you made it browsable for other users on network.

"A single store of files" , Actually BackupPC is a single store of files server which is centeralized but to backup the files are totally unreadable format if we tried to open it since a single file is spanned over a different files under different folder according to incremental basis. But you can get it easily from its web based interface according to the date.

You have to be clear that whether you want for centralized backup OR u wana go for sharing of centralized backuped data from other computers.

If you are interested for only centeralized backup system then BackupPC is free and Perfect, But if your are going for sharing centralized backup of updated files to the networked computers then you just use rsync(collects updated data of the file) or scp commands under cron jobs to collect it under a folder. Now just share the folder with nfs or samba(even for windows client) or even from ftp.

"Change the Naming Convention"
ya you can change the name of the folder and share a single folder content with different name i:e create symbolic link ("ln -s" command) of the folder to the name of folder you want.

If you couldn't get the commands for above then have a post we will try our best to help u.

This is just supportive for carltm.

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