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arctic123 08-16-2004 01:24 PM

Couldn't open mixer device /dev/sound/mixer
When I start up Mandrake 10.0 I get this message SOMETIMES. Not every time though and the sound doesn't work when this comes up.

Couldn't open mixer device /dev/sound/mixer

Does anybody know what I can do to fix it?

bruno buys 08-16-2004 01:40 PM

Try to locate the app accessing the mixer and replace the config line with

arctic123 08-16-2004 02:14 PM

I'm a newb. Could you explain how to do that?

sarmad 09-08-2004 10:00 PM

i got the same problem when i installed gstremer dv (i dont remember the exacte name) and when i desintalled it every thing is ok

laikos 09-22-2004 09:39 AM

That mean, showhow your sound-mixer-oss doesn't load properly.
try to do this:

modprobe snd-mixer-oss

it make the error message go away

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