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p.z 08-26-2003 12:31 PM

How do I format other partitioned drives?
How do I format some of the partitioned drives on my system?

i.e. I'm trying to convert a fat32 to ext 2filesystem but want to format it first.


fancypiper 08-26-2003 12:36 PM

mke2fs /dev/hd<XX>

Rute - Partitions, File Systems, Formatting, Mounting

p.z 08-26-2003 02:20 PM

bash: mke2fs: command not found

slakmagik 08-26-2003 02:41 PM

Need to be root and, I think, have e2fsprogs installed. Something like that.

fancypiper 08-26-2003 02:55 PM

To change to the root account, use these commands from your user account. Note the change in the prompt.

[fancy@tinwhistle fancy]$ su -
[root@tinwhistle root]#

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