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nautilus_1987 09-04-2002 02:20 PM

Hi there!

I have just tried out 'fluxbox', and it is really cool :)

Guys don't you know how can I condifure it to 'understand' Mozilla and KOI8-R(cyrrylic) charset?


kendo 09-04-2002 04:57 PM

This is something indepedent of Fluxbox, I believe. Have you set up Mozilla to use this charset? There is the setting under the "Edit " drop-down menu and in "Preferences" under "Appearances">"Fonts" there are other settings you might check.

nautilus_1987 09-06-2002 01:12 PM

Don't you know how to make FluxBox understand cyrrylic encoding?

kendo 09-06-2002 03:17 PM

I don't use fluxbox, but I would look for the font path that fluxbox configuration uses and make it point to the default character set of my choosing. Make sure you have that font installed. Maybe someone else has a more specific answer.

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